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1xBet kick off ‘Big plans for Africa’ with Nigerian licence acquisition

For football-focused Nigeria, the confirmation that one of the leading sports betting brands 1xBet has been granted a full National Licence in the country until 2024 is a major coup for players, operators and Nigerian sports clubs alike.
1xBet’s expansion plans across Africa have reached fever pitch as the company prepares to bolster its position in Nigeria with a new licence, new partnerships and an aim to “set new standards of betting culture” on the continent, according to the 1xBet team.
“We are well aware of Nigeria’s position as a renowned football-focused market,” they said. “In 2018 we signed a partnership agreement with the Nigeria Football Federation, the Nigeria national football team, as well as the Nigerian Premier League. In addition, we are official partners of the African Confederation of Football and the largest club tournaments of the continent. We have accumulated considerable experience while working with top football clubs such as Barcelona. Therefore, we not only offer Nigerian fans a wide range of betting options, but also a sense of involvement in the victories of their favourite teams. Football fans can be sure of 1xBet, where they always have a winning chance alongside their favourite clubs.”
As one of the leading operators now licenced in the country, 1xBet is keen to showcase how it will offer the Nigerian sports fans one of the widest lines of sports betting as well as odds on world of cinema, music, politics and other areas of life. Commenting on how this new licence will allow the brand to work more with local partners, the 1xBet team explained: “1xBet has decided to establish ourselves in Africa as we feel we have something valuable to offer the African betting market including players and affiliates. With over 1000 events offered daily across more than 60 sports, the 1xBet experience is an exciting world of betting enjoyment. We also have a great selection of online games. All this means that everyone can find viable options to make money. We want to give everyone who is legally able to place bets access to earning potential and look forward to finding interesting new partners in Nigeria with like-minded goals.”
The newly acquired National Licence by 1xBet has positioned the brand to legitimately operate in any part of the country, including in all the states and local government areas, broadening the company’s footprint across Africa. “In addition to Nigeria, on the African continent we work in Ghana, Senegal, Uganda, DR Congo, Cameroon, Zambia and Burundi. We have big plans for the region and consider Africa a very promising continent, where the number of fans of betting in general, and our company in particular, is constantly growing.”
Following headlines about betting on the continent in 2019, there is a renewed focus on responsible gaming across Africa, something which 1xBet is keen to drive forward with its unique position as one of the only full National Licence holders in Nigeria. “1xBet is a supporter of responsible betting,” the 1xBet team continued. “We comply with the laws of each country in which we operate. Given that our licence to work in Nigeria is valid until 2024, in the next five years we want to set new standards of betting culture. We will teach fans that with 1xBet they play according to simple and understandable rules that must be observed.
“In addition to the financial regulatory body’s transaction limit in Nigeria, and our concerted efforts to drastically reduce gaming addiction, we have also implemented a spending limit on our platform to further promote responsible gaming. Also, we ensure regular 1xBet attendance at various seminars of the regulatory authorities on responsible gaming.”
1xBet will be commencing its meetings with regulators and operators from Nigeria and other African countries at ICE London 2020, where the 1xBet team will be attending a dedicated ICE Africa networking breakfast as well as exhibiting on the show floor and delivering its expansion strategy in full. “We have a strong presence in many countries spread over continents around the world, so there will be a lot to showcase at ICE London,” they said. In regards to Nigeria, we will be using our position as National Licence holder to highlight the fact that we are a fully compliant brand in the sports betting industry.”
The 1xBet team concluded: “Our intention at ICE London 2020 is to promote 1xBet as an operator who brings their same level of established excellence to Nigeria as well as other African countries. We will also promote 1xBet’s wide range of betting options to the African market and beyond whilst sharing our vision for 2020 and what exciting upcoming events and industry related news we have to offer. The thrust of our message will be that by joining 1xBet you will always be riding the crest of a wave.”
The full 1xBet team will showcase its high odds, video streaming, in-house affiliate platform and portfolio of bonuses, live casino, branded slot games and more from Stand S3-250 at ICE London, ExCeL London, UK in February.


Three seconds to impress: How to build a more effective key visual, by Betinvest

In the run-up to ICE London 2020, one of the largest and most important events in the industry, solutions providers are perfecting their current products and preparing to unveil new technological innovations. They are designing their stands, getting their promotional campaigns ready, and since the exhibition is an excellent place for meeting potential clients and making a strong impression, brands are particularly focused on their key visuals. COO at Betinvest Max Dubossarsky opens up about the importance of a key visual.
How important is a brand’s key visual in making a strong first impression?
Basically, in today’s world, businesses have just a few seconds to respond to questions potential clients might be asking: Who are you? What do you do? What have you got to offer?
Put yourself in the shoes of these prospective clients: there’s a wealth of offers out there, pulling their attention in all directions. Because of this, they don’t have much time at all to get to know a particular company, product or service.
In addition to this, statistics say that it takes just three seconds to make an initial assessment of the goods on offer. Three seconds to figure out whether or not they like what they see. In order to effectively communicate with the consumer and become a recognised brand, you need to work on your key visual. Of course, we’re not denying the importance of all the other elements involved in a business, we’re just talking about key visuals as part of a multi-faceted course of action.
What does an effective key visual look like?
A truly effective key visual represents the basic message of a brand, and delivers the idea to the consumer visually, extending across a whole range of media channels. When done right, this is a marketing approach which helps to make the brand’s products stand out on the market.
Key visuals are made up of elements of brand identity (logo, brand colours, fonts, etc.), as well as the key message which communicates the philosophy or selling point of a brand, and graphic elements and images.
In 2019–2020, Betinvest’s marketing communication has been based around a concept we’re calling Betting Genesis. The brand’s key visual includes the company colours – yellow and black, our font and logo, and a range of graphic elements, central to which is a hexagon and the following key message: “Your betting business starts here”.
How does such a distinctive key visual contribute to the Betinvest brand?
Firstly, our key visual differentiates us from other brands on the market and helps us attract the attention of potential clients.
Secondly, it helps users get to know our brand faster. As I mentioned earlier, a key visual is a way to provide a quick answer to those questions: Who are we? What do we do? What have we got to offer?
Thirdly, it creates awareness. Colours, fonts, message, images: these are all pieces of a puzzle which come together to create a unique offer. Creativity, understanding and relevance of the visual pieces help to create the right connotations you want to be associated with the brand, and make it memorable in the future.
What are the guidelines for making sure a key visual is effective?
There are three important things to remember: keep your message simple, keep it consistent for various devices, and be creative where possible.
Think about the three-second rule. Talk about your company briefly, simply and accurately. Your single visual concept should be scalable to any media channel. But creativity shouldn’t be just for creativity’s sake. It’s good when it achieves a specific objective and carries across a specific message. But unsuccessful designs or key messages can complicate or distort the key ideas behind the company. And you don’t want this to happen.
A key visual provides a mouthpiece for your brand. It is your manifesto, your idea that you express here and now. It represents your relationship with your customers and your ability to be noticed amongst countless other offers out there. It is part of the image surrounding your brand. Once they see you, potential users must be able to answer these questions: Who are you? What do you do? How can you be of help? Make yourself understood, set yourself apart, and leave a lasting impression.


Wazdan Goes Live at Grand Casino, the Only Online Casino Allowed in Hungary

Wazdan is thrilled to announce its partnership with Grand Casino, Hungary, the only online casino allowed by the Hungarian Gaming Commission.
The partnership took place late in 2019 whereby Wazdan games went live on the Grand Casino site as part of a soft launch, marking a momentous occasion for the innovative game producer, securing a position to provide their games to the only player in the Hungarian market.
Grand Casino was launched in 2018 after the Hungarian Gaming Commission opened the door for online gaming to operate in the country through regulations that would provide players with a completely legal, safe way to enjoy gaming online.
After years of preparation, Grand Casino’s online interface, designed by their skilled team of gaming professionals, was made available to the public, delivering on the specific needs of users in the Hungarian market — providing security, data protection, gaming stability and enforcing responsible gambling.
Committed to providing players with quality entertainment, Grand Casino is selective to partner with only the best online game producers offering top-tier technology and player experiences, a position that Wazdan is proud to uphold.
So far, 15 Wazdan games have gone live at Grand Casino, all of which are long-time player favourites: Bars & 7s, Black Horse, Burning Reels, Colin the Cat, Fenix Play Deluxe, Fenix Play 27 Deluxe, Haunted Hospital, In The Forest, Jumping Fruits, Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe, Magic Hot 4 Deluxe, Mystery Jack Deluxe, Valhalla, Wild Guns, and Wild Jack. More games are to be released soon.
Wazdan is a top-tier, tech-driven slot game producer bringing their partners more than a decade of accumulated knowledge on just how to deliver high-quality experiences that delight both players and operators.
As an innovation-led organisation, Wazdan pioneer tech-forward solutions to captivate players and offer them gameplay that can be designed to their particular tastes. This is accomplished through the Unique Wazdan Features which are active in all Wazdan games, features which allow players to tailor their gaming experience.
Wazdan’s Volatility Levels allow players to adjust the volatility of their game. Double Screen Mode brings back the feeling of land-based slot machines where the paytable is viewable at all times. Energy Saving Mode works for mobile to extend the players’ battery life by up to 40 per cent, and Ultra Lite Mode decreases the time taken to load the game – perfect for poorly connected areas. The Unique Gamble Feature allows players to double their win in an instant, Ultra Fast Mode increases the game speed, and the latest Unique Wazdan Feature, Big Screen Mode, zooms the reels of the game to fill the entire screen.
“It has been thrilling to pioneer the online gaming sector in Hungary and we humbly recognise that while our success is in part the result of hard work from our highly talented team, the remaining success factors have to do with the partnerships we make, selecting the best gaming providers to deliver experiences to our players through our casino. As a leading slots producer with highly engaging, feature-rich games, we have been delighted to bring Wazdan onto the site,” says Robert Peters, CEO of Grand Casino and Omni Slots.
“We are extremely proud to partner with Grand Casino, a casino which has done so much to lead the gaming sector in Hungary and truly embodies the values that we too hold here at Wazdan. We’re excited to have our games live on the Grand Casino site, and we look forward to working more with the team to release new games that their players can enjoy,” says Andrzej Hyla, Head of Sales, at Wazdan.


GPI 2019: Alex Foxen officially Player of the Year, Danny Tang wins Asia POY, Kristen Bicknell tops ladies ranking for 3rd year in a row

Alex Foxen wins GPI POY for 2nd year in a row
Alex Foxen – Photo WPT.comAlex Foxen has officially won the 2019 Global Poker Index (GPI) Player of the Year award. With his title win, Foxen achieved the unparalleled feat of winning the GPI Player of the Year award two years in a row. In 2018 he was the only player who earned more than 4,000 points finishing with 4,095.52 to claim the 2018 POY title. No player in history had ever won any of the major POY races in consecutive years.
Foxen’s 2019 run for the POY title featured one of the most notable come from behind win since he went into the final month of year as an underdog in twelfth place with 3,236.71 points. Burns, Winter, and Chidwick were dominating the leaderboards, as they were placed one through three. However, Foxen knew that a first or second place finish at the World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic Main Event would get him to top spot.
Foxen’s title win at the World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic Main Event got him up to 3,806.09 points, eventually surpassing the poker players who crossed the 3,600-point mark: Sean Winter, Bryn Kenney, Kahle Burns, and Stephen Chidwick.
Foxen also notably made a made a deep run in the WSOP Main Event. He came in 40th place at the second largest ME field in WSOP – 8,569 players. He won $211,945 which is his biggest tournament cash in a WSOP event to date.
Along with his 2019 POY title, Foxen cashed $6,346,433.
Here is a list of the top 5 players in the GPI rankings
1st – William Alex Foxen (United States) 3,806.09 pts
2nd – Sean Winter (United States) 3,679.19 pts
3rd – Brym Kenney (United States) 3,647.81 pts
4th – Khale Burns (Australia) 3,641.63 pts
5th – Stephen Chidwick (United Kingdom) 3,637.94 pts
Kristen Bicknell wins Female GPI Player of the Year for third in a Row
Kristen Bicknell – Photo WPTKristen Bicknell also created a new record after she won the 2019 GPI Female POY. She has won the prestigious GPI Female POY title for three consecutive years in a row.
Bicknell, like Foxen, was primarily an online player in her early days as a professional poker player. She reached Supernova Elite status and played live poker occasionally. She got her gold bracelet when she won the 2013 WSOP Ladies Event. Bicknell transitioned to live poker in 2015 and notably scored her second WSOP bracelet in a $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Bounty event at the 2016 WSOP a year and a half after her transition.
Bicknell has gathered 3,175.37 points, and has finished 18th in the 2019 GPI POY rankings, the highest position of any woman. It also puts her as the third-highest ranking Canadian player to finish the year.
Bicknell finished the year with 36 cashes and won $2.4 million in prize money.
Bicknell’s largest tournament score of 2019 was right at the beginning of the year. She cashed out $328,500 for her 11th place finish at the $25,000 PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC). That tournament also propelled her gave her a significant head-start for GPI rankings, earning 410.92 Player of the Year points. She also had one other score above 400 and two in the 300’s.
Bicknell is GPI Player of the Year, Alex Foxen’s girlfriend. Foxen and Bicknell have established themselves as the poker world’s number one power couple with their 2019 tournament results and achievements
Here is a list of the top 5 female players in the GPI rankings
1st – Kristen Bicknell (Canada) 3,175.37 pts
2nd – Maria Ho (United States) 2,518.42 pts
3rd – Jessica Dawley (United States) 2,102.14 pts
4th – Hui Chen Kuo (Taiwan) 2,034.73 pts
5th – Maria Constanza Lampropulos (United Kingdom) 1,832.67 pts
Danny Tang wins GPI Asia POY

Sponsored by Natural8, Danny Tang was hailed as the Asia’s 2019 GPI Player of the Year.
Tang has been consistently ranked one of the top players in GPI Asia. 
In 2019, his pursuit for glory around the world earned him several four and five figure scores until the Triton Super High Roller Series in Montenegro where he banked his first-ever career seven figures. Two months later, he added a first-ever WSOP gold bracelet to his achievements by winning the Final Fifty US$ 50k High Roller event.
In total, Tang cashed 37 times in 2019 amounting to over US$ 6.1 million.
Here is a list of the top 5 players in the Asia GPI rankings
1st – Daniel Chi Tang (Hong Kong) 3,163.58 pts
2nd – Chin Wei Lim (Malaysia) 2,876.93 pts
3rd – Christopher Michael Soyza (Malaysia) 2,876.31 pts
4th – Paul Phua (Malaysia) 2,812.32 pts
5th – Yake Wu (China) 2,630.24 pts
GPI Asia – Pacific National POY winners
A minimum of 1,000 points are required to be elected GPI National POY Winner
Australia – Kahle Burns – 3,641.63pts
China – Yake Wu – 2,630.24pts
Hong Kong – Daniel Tang – 3,163.58pts
India – Abhinav Iyer – 2,098.04pts
Japan – Tsugunari Toma – 2,055.90pts
Macau Huidong Gu 1,696.20pts
Malaysia Chin Wei Lim 2,876.93pts
New Zealand – Hamish Crawshaw – 2,242.28pts
Philippines – Mike Takayama – 1,986.43pts
Singapore – Graeme Siow – 1,968.92pts
South Korea – Sean Yu – 2,194.60pts
Taiwan – Pete Chen – 2,324.51pts
Thailand – Team Natural8 Phachara Wongwichit – 2,347.76pts
Vietnam – Thai Ha – 2,578.43pts
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Asian Poker Tour ready to kick off the new year in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Now that the holiday season has passed, it’s back to action for the Asian Poker Tour. Last year, the brand had its biggest year with 11 events hosted around the region. For 2020, another 11 events are lined up with the first one just around the corner.
Coming to Ho Chi Minh City is APT Kick-off Vietnam 2020 taking place from January 10 to 21 at the Pro Poker Club. This will be the third consecutive year the APT hosts its season opener in the bustling city. Players can look forward to 25 tournaments and ₫ 14 Billion (~US$ 604,400) in guaranteed prizes. Special promos will also be offered throughout to celebrate the two year partnership between APT and host venue Pro Poker Club. We’ve got all that for you below including the festival’s biggest events.
APT Kick-off Vietnam 2020Main Event – ₫ 8 Billion guaranteed
At every APT series, the Main Event is the most sought after title. Its deep structure continues to be praised by players. The event guarantees ₫ 8 Billion (~US$ 345,400).
Buy-in: ₫ 22,000,000 (~US$ 950)
Dates: January 12 to 17
Starting days: January 12 to 14
Late registration: January 15 (first hour of Day 2)
Satellites: 4 Main Event satellites
Championships Event – ₫ 6 Billion guaranteed
Running back-to-back with the Main Event is the Championships Event. Since its addition to the schedule, players get another chance at winning a major APT title in a single series. It also extends a deep structure and guarantees ₫ 6 Billion (~US$ 259,000).
Buy-in: ₫ 38,500,000 (~US$ 1,700)
Dates: January 17 to 21
Starting days:January 17 to 18
Late registration: January 19 (first hour of Day 2)
Satellites: 4 Championships Event satellites
Side Events
Apart from the guaranteed events are 23 tournaments to lift trophies. The roster is filled with a variety of one day, two day, and three day events that include popular tournaments such as the Monster Stack, Head Hunter, No Limit Hold’em, Turbos and Pot Limit Omaha. Buy-ins range from ₫ 5,500 (~US$ 238) to ₫ 107,500,000 (~US$ 4,600).
Opening the series is the Kick Off Event running for three days from January 10 to 12. Buy-in is ₫ 11,000,000 (~US$ 475).
Flight A: January 10 at 1pm
Flight B: January 10 at 5pm
Flight C: January 11 at 1pm
Day 2: January 11 at 530pm
Final Day: January 12 at 130pm
*Flight A players will see a 50% discounted rake. Buy-in will be ₫ 10,500,000 (~US$ 453)
High Rollers Events
The schedule wouldn’t be complete without filling the appetite of all the heavy hitters. Last year saw a demand for more High Rollers events. For the APT’s season opener, six are lined up.
High Rollers Single Day – ₫ 43,000,000 buy-in – January 14, 15, 19, and 21.
High Rollers (two day event) – ₫ 65,000,000 buy-in – January 20 to 21
Super High Rollers (two day event) – ₫ 107,500,000 buy-in – January 16 to 17
Poker at Pro Poker ClubAPT – Pro Poker Club Promos
In addition to the events, players will be treated to promos worth up to US$ 8,000 in celebration of the two year partnership between APT and Pro Poker Club. Players registered to Day 1A of the Main Event and Day 1A of the Championships Event will be eligible for three freeroll flip outs.
Pre-start at 1245pm: US$ 2,000 awarded to the winner
First break at 2pm: US$ 1,000 awarded to the winner
Second break at 410pm: US$ 1,000 awarded to the winner
Additionally, players that enter Main Event Day 1A will automatically receive a 50% rake discount. This brings the buy-in down to ₫ 21,000,000 ~(US$ 907).
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Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier’s Life: Biggest Profits, Losses, Private Life & Net Worth

– General Information –

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier is a French professional poker player and former professional eSports player. He was born on February 8th, 1981 in Melun, France.
As an eSports player, he played the games StarCraft and Warcraft III professionally. He turned to professional poker in 2005.
Grospellier honed his skill in the high stakes cash tables on PokerStars, playing under his iconic screen name “ElkY”. He often battled heads-up with Doug “WCGRider” Polk.
ElkY went on to see great success in the live tournament scene as well. He’s cashed for over $14.5 million during his career. Even more impressively, he won a WSOP, a WPT and an EPT title. Having victories in all 3 major live tournament series is called “Triple Crown” in the poker world. ElkY is one of the 9 players to achieve that trifecta of live poker success in poker history.
He also has a Twitch channel with over 50,000 followers.
– Key Career Dates –
2005: He starts playing high stakes games on PokerStars at a high volume.
2008: He wins the $8,000 No Limit Hold’em event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure for $2 million. Since that year the PCA was held under the European Poker Tour brand, it counts as an EPT title.
2008: He wins a $15,000 WPT championship event for $1,411,015.
2011: He wins his first WSOP gold bracelet. He finishes first in the $10,000 7-Card Stud championship for $331,639. Thus he completes the “Triple Crown”, meaning he takes down a WSOP, an EPT and a WPT title in his career.
2017: He comes in second in the $111,111 Big One for One Drop high roller event at the WSOP for $2.279 million. That is his biggest single live tournament cash to date.
– Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier’s Career –
 → Beginnings ←
In the early 2000’s, Grospellier was a professional StarCraft and Warcraft III player. He lived in South Korea where, according to the man himself, he was quite famous as an eSports figure.
In 2004, one of his Korean friends introduced him to online poker. He made an account with his eSports nickname, “ElkY” on PokerStars. He started grinding and got to the high stakes tables within a year. Eventually, he shifted his focus completely away from eSports and became a full-time poker player.
However, his eSports roots have followed him into his poker career. In September 2017, he was asked in an interview by Cardplayer Lifestyle Blog if he thinks many eSports players are turning to poker.
He answered as such, highlighting the similarities between the two fields:
“Yes, there are a lot. There are a lot who have made the transition because there are a lot of skills that are similar between the two of them such as game analysis, competition, and deliberate action. The presence of game theory means a lot of eSports players also play poker.”
Grospellier even returned briefly to eSports as a Hearthstone player in 2015.
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Asia Pacific’s biggest player achievements of 2019

Another incredible year of poker has come and gone. Once again, players from Asia – Pacific outshined around the globe. For some, their wallets weighed down with large scores, for others dreams were fulfilled. Many definitely deserve acknowledgment.
Here’s a look at just some of the year’s top achievers.
Daniel Tang’s stellar year brings him among the world’s elite
Danny Tang – Photo WSOP.comDaniel Tang will close out 2019 with plenty to boast of. He is ranked #1 in THM Hong Kong All Time Money List with over US$ 8.4M in live earnings, is currently ranked 16th at the GPI standings, the highest among all Asia Pacific players, and about a month ago he was playing poker with Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, and Tony G inside Paul Phua’s private jet.

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JCM Global Creates Stunning New Experience for MotorCity Casino Hotel’s Guests with 80-Foot Curved LED Display on the Ceiling of Promenade

Installation is JCM’s First Ceiling-Mounted Display
Detroit is often called the “City of Reinvention,” and now Detroit’s own MotorCity Casino Hotel has reinvented its guest experience in bold and dramatic fashion.
The new experience comes in the form of a spectacular 80-foot x 8-foot curved LED display from JCM Global Digital Signage Solutions (DSS) that stretches the length of the casino’s promenade ceiling. The installation, which made its debut late November, features a uniquely concave LED ceiling-mounted display that brings MotorCity Casino Hotel’s interior atmosphere to a new level for the ultimate guest experience.
“We say all the time that MotorCity Casino Hotel is Detroit’s most innovative entertainment venue. Now with this spectacular LED display on our promenade’s ceiling, we’re taking entertainment to new heights,” said Vice President and CIO David Nehra. “Guests will walk into the casino and have a stunning new experience that we’ll keep fresh by continually updating it with new content.”
Speaking for JCM, Dave Kubajak, SVP of Sales, Marketing & Operations said, “We are absolutely thrilled with the unique approach MotorCity Casino Hotel has taken with JCM’s DSS MAX-R flat panel displays. Because the panels can articulate both concave and convex, their use is limited only by imagination. JCM is excited to provide this new and innovative architectural design feature that will enhance MotorCity Casino Hotel’s capability to deliver the ultimate guest entertainment experience.”
Incredibly flexible and energy efficient, JCM’s Digital Signage Solutions suit every taste, need, and budget. The displays offer easy-to-configure and easy-to-assemble panels that effortlessly accommodate any size, space, need, or challenge. Because of their flexible configuration, the direct view DSS LED displays inspire creativity that empowers casino marketers to connect with guests in rich, new ways.
JCM is proud to have partnered with MotorCity Casino Hotel for the past 20 years, supplying the casino with products and technology including: iVIZION, the GEN5 Thermal Printer, the ICB system, and Digital Signage Solutions.
For more information about JCM’s award-winning products, visit JCM and join on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Chad Dickie joins the Win Systems management team to strengthen its strong expansion in the USA

Win Systems, the leading provider of technology for the gaming and entertainment industry, has announced the recruitment of Chad Dickie for its management team, as the EVP & GM USA. This position is of great strategic importance for the company, given the growing success of the company in the United States and Canada.
Win Systems has had presence in the United States for years. However, this year, there has been significant growth in the market with the installation of its renowned CMS Wigos and its premium Gold Club electronic roulettes in prominent casino groups, especially in tribal gaming operators, thus, achieving a significant presence in several states such as California, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Virginia.
Chad Dickie has more than 25 years of experience in the gaming and entertainment sector having held positions such as CEO and a member of the Steering Committee of several companies, both casino providers and operators. In his new role, he will have the responsibility of boosting and accelerating the strength and growth that the company has been experiencing in recent months in this market.
Chad Dickie commented: “It is a great pleasure for me to join the Win Systems Group. The strong growth that the company has had worldwide and particularly in the USA is a challenge for me and encourages me to contribute to achieving the ambitious goals that the company has in the region.”
Eric Benchimol, CEO of Win Systems, added: “Being able to have top-notch professionals with extensive experience in the sector, as is undoubtedly the case of Chad, will help us achieve our development and growth plans in the country as well as allowing us to maintain the highest demand in terms of standards of the services offered to our customers. The passion and ability to recruit people like Chad bring great value to the company.”
To organize a meeting, please send an email to: or call +34 935 308 049.


ECA Honorary President Ron Goudsmit presented the latest EU Anti-Money Laundering developments at the Eastern Europe Gaming Summit 2019

Top-level industry experts gathered for the two-day conference in Sofia to share best practices and hot regulatory updates.
ECA Honorary President Ron Goudsmit recently gave a comprehensive keynote speech on the latest developments in terms of European anti-money laundering legislation at the Eastern European Gaming Summit. Touching upon the history of the AML directives from 1 to 5 and the recent supranational risk assessment on money laundering by the European Commission, the former ECA Chairman provided the audience with a complete overview of the impact of AML requirements on the European casino industry.
Backed by a strong and long experience in the industry, Ron Goudsmit also highlighted the importance for licensed land-based casinos to be compliant with national laws and regulations to limit the risks that this criminal activity may involve. Ron Goudsmit, ECA Honorary President, commented “This conference represents a great opportunity to share information and experience on key topics such as AML. ECA’s members are committed to compliance and ready to collaborate to share best practices that could benefit everyone working in this sector and be ready to cope with emerging challenges”.
The Eastern European Gaming Summit is the annual gaming conference striving to share the latest regulatory and technological developments from the gaming and entertainment industry in Eastern Europe, with more than 200 industry representatives from 22 countries.


IGT Showcases Proven, Player-Driven Gaming Solutions at G2E Asia Philippines 2019

IGT will showcase an array of engaging, market-ready gaming solutions at the first-ever G2E Asia Philippines from Dec. 3-4 in Manila. At IGT’s stand 118, the Company will feature compelling linked progressives and slot games tailored to the region’s players.

“The Philippines is an important and growing market in the Asia region,” said Michael Cheers, IGT Sales Director, Asia. “Our presence at this show will enable our customers from the Philippines and neighbouring countries to personally experience our market-attuned portfolio of new, approved titles that engage players and help drive operator growth.” read more


Natural8 Closes 2019 with a $10.7 Million Poker Fiesta

Article sponsored by
2019 has been a great year for Natural8, dishing out new promotions every single month with hundreds and thousands of prizes to boot.
Their flagship tournament, The Good Game Series, is also deserving of praise. It featured a massive $50 million guaranteed prize pool, up from $3 million the year before. Several innovative and industry-first features were introduced, such as the A.I. Smart Betting, Bubble Protection, and Smart HUD.

To close out 2019, Natural8 brings us a $10.7 million Poker Fiesta.
Read on to find out all about it.
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WSOP Circuit at the Star: Abdine wins the 5K Challenge; Smith wins Classic and Singh takes Monster Stack

The 2019 WSOP may have ended over in Rozvadov, but circuit events continue to roll on, with Australia being the latest nation to play host to the series. In what is a great build up to the Aussie Millions in one month, players have been battling it out to get their hands on a WSOP Circuit ring at Star Casino in Sydney.
AU$5K Challenge – Winner: Shivan Abdine
5K Challenge champion Shivan Abdine – Photo by The StarThe AU$5,000 (US$3,380) Challenge tournament was one of the biggest events listed on the schedule and always looked like creating a hefty prize pool. The 203 entries ultimately sent the final figure soaring to AU$1,000,000 (US$676,000) with AU$260,000 (US$175,980) set aside for the winner.
The first day’s action saw the starting field cut to just 15, as players were felled across the tournament floor throughout the day. Jonathan Karamalikis, Alex Lynskey and defending champion Matthew Wakeman all fell during the first day, but the final day still had some interesting names in contention. The biggest of them was undoubtedly James Obst, who carrie the second largest stack of 534,000 into the final day. Leading the way was George Mitri with 709,000.
With 21 players having made the money, the final 15 wasted no time in going to war with each other. Survivors began to fall almost as son as the cards were in the air, and the field had been thinned to a final table of 9 before the first level of the day had been completed. Mitri’s dream day 1 turned into a day 2 nightmare as he dropped like a stone during the early stages before busting in 9th. He was followed by New Zealanders Charlie Hawes and Honglin Jiang, before James Obst’s day finally came to an end shortly after with a 6th place finish. Before long, the action had got down to three-handed, with Germany’s Marc Camphausen quickly following Michael Doumani to the rail shortly after to bring the action heads-up. The two players then immediately agreed a deal for the money before pushing all-in blind to determine a champion.
The final payouts are as follows:
1st – Shivan Abdine (Australia) – AU$260,000  (US$175,980)
2nd – Adrian Attenborough – AU$160,610
3rd – Marc Camphausen – AU$115,970
4th – Michael Doumani – AU$85,170
5th – Ehsan Amiri – AU$63,630
6th – James Obst – AU$48,350
7th – Honglin Jiang – AU$37,350
8th – Charlie Hawes – AU$29,330
9th – George Mitri – AU$23,400
AU$450 NLH Classic – Winner: Curtis Smith
Classic champion Curtis Smith – Photo by The StarThe AU$450 (US$304) Classic may not be a big buy in event, but the crowds flocked to take their shot at the event, with 1,132 entries having been registered by the time late registration had closed. This generated a prize pool of AU$509,400 (US$344,354) with almost AU$100,000 set aside up top.
The latter stages of the event saw a comparatively small number of 117 players picking up a payout. By the time the final table was in full swing, the likes of Yan Shuranov, Robert Callol and Curtis Smith were beginning to claw their way up the chip counts. As the challengers fell away, the action finally reached three-handed play, with Curtis, Callol and Shuranov left to battle for the title. Callol eventually busted out in 3rd, and the final two players were heads up. Smith soon established control over the match, and despite Shuranov’s efforts to fight his way back into contention, it was not to be his day. Smith was able to finish the job and pick up the top prize and the title.
The final payouts are as follows:
1st – Curtis Smith (Australia) – $92,964 (US$62,844)
2nd – Yan Shurunov – $57,420
3rd – Robert Callol – $42,667
4th – Peco Stojanovski – $32,092
5th – Nebojsa Blanusa – $24,436
6th – Emmanuel Derecho – $18,827
7th – Twizz Google – $14,676
8th – David Padovan – $11,568
9th – Paul Smith – $9,220
AU$1,000 NLH Monster Stack – Winner: Pravishil Singh
Monster Stack champion Pravisil Singh – Photo by The StarThe AU$1,000 (US$676) buy in Monster Stack was always going to be one of the highlights of the WSOP Circuit series, and with 441 players opting to get involved, it certainly lived up to that billing, producing a prize pool of AU$450,000 (US$304,200).
The event saw 45 players go on to get paid a minimum of AU$2,034, with the amount of money on the line having risen significantly by the time the final table was set. John Cho was first of the final 9 to fall, picking up just under five figures for his efforts. Players continued to crash out over the following levels until just Josh Mitchell and Pravishil Singh were left standing. The players continued to trade pots for a while before Singh took command of the match. Mitchell tried to force his way back into it but could not regain a foothold on the contest. Singh soon finished the job and was crowned champion.
Here are the final table results:
1st – Pravishil Singh (Australia) – $98,996 (US$66,921)
2nd – Josh Mitchell – $61,178
3rd – Hassib Younan – $44,703
4th – William Undy – $33,192
5th – Cezary Klimczak – $25,029
6th – Andrew White – $19,157
7th – Sheldon Mayer – $14,877
8th – Malcolm Trayner – $11,718
9th – John Cho – $9,360
Other results
AU$450 (US$304) NLH Turbo
Entries: 301
Prize Pool: AU$135,450 (US$91,564)
Winner: Hunter Song – AU$31,829 (US$21,516)
AU$550 (US$372) Short Deck
Entries: 101
Prize Pool: AU$80,000 (US$54,080)
Winner: Nebojsa Blanusa – AU$24,000 (US$16,224)
AU$1,000 (US$676) NLH 6-Max
Entries: 242
Prize Pool: AU$250,000 (US$169,000)
Winner: Nathan Susnig – AU$66,245 (US$44,782)
AU$450 (US$304) NLH Masters
Entries: 167
Prize Pool: AU$80,000 (US$54,080)
Winner: Ali Ghezelbash – AU$21,600 (US$14,602)
AU$500 (US$338) NLH Teams
Entries: 183
Prize Pool: AU$100,000 (US$67,600)
Winners: Daniel Embleton/Rehman Kassam – AU$26,000 (US$17,576)
AU$300 (US$203) NLH Ladies
Entries: 101
Prize Pool: AU$30,300 (US$20,483)
Winner: Michelle Psarras – AU$9,089 (US$6,144)
Article by Craig Bradshaw
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Jean Robert Bellande’s Life: Biggest Profits, Losses, Private Life & Net Worth

– General Information –

Jean-Robert Bellande is an American professional poker player. He was born on September 17th, 1970. He’s also appeared on CBS’s reality show Survivor: China.
Bellande, aka JRB or “Action Bob”, has won a WSOP gold bracelet in 2018. Overall, he has around $3 million in live tournament cashes. That number could be a lot higher given the years he’s spent in professional poker – however, he mostly plays live cash games.
Recently, most poker fans know him for his infamous punt with 53 suited in a super high stakes Triton cash game.
– Key Career Dates – read more


Australian Poker Open and Super High Roller Bowl Australia 2020 Schedule

The Australian Poker Open and Super High Roller Bowl Australia 2020 2020 will be held from January 25th to February 2nd at the Star Gold Coast, Australia.
Buy-in (AUD)
No Limit Hold’em
Pot Limit Omaha
No Limit Hold’em
Pot Limit Omaha
No Limit Hold’em
No Limit Hold’em
No Limit Hold’em

Super High Roller Bowl
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TCSJOHNHUXLEY supplies unique Watford Football Club themed Roulette Wheel, the primary shirt sponsor of English Premier League’s Watford Football Club, recently commissioned TCSJOHNHUXLEY the live gaming equipment supplier of choice for the online gaming sector, to produce a themed Roulette Wheel for its Live Casino operation. Featuring the distinctive yellow and black colours associated with ‘The Hornets’ team, the unique roulette wheel endorses the partnership between the two organisations’, whilst adding an element of fun to the traditional game.
Justin Le Brocque Head of Marketing, comments, “To celebrate our sponsorship with English Premiere League football club Watford, we wanted to offer something unique to our players. TCSJOHNHUXLEY are recognised by the industry as leaders in their field, so a custom designed roulette wheel in the hornets’ colours for our Bombay Club was a natural pick – and very well received by our players.”
Amy O’Connor, Partnership Manager Watford FC continues, “When we were offered the opportunity to have our branding on the table we jumped at the opportunity. This has never been done before and also further strengthened the holistic partnership we have with The wheel has been very well received, and new Watford fans may have now been created”.


Pariplay Announces Partnership with MrQ

Award-winning bingo brand expands offering with Pariplay FUSION aggregation platform integration
Pariplay Ltd., a gaming technology company serving iGaming operators, land-based casinos and lotteries, has announced a new partnership with, the bingo brand owned by UK-based operator of white label online bingo and casino brands, Lindar Media. The partnership will see, which won Best Proprietary Bingo Site at BingoPort’s 12th annual Players’ Choice Awards, gain access to Pariplay’s extensive library of online casino games through the Pariplay FUSION aggregation platform.
Through its integration with Pariplay FUSION, will offer customers a portfolio that features game titles from third-party suppliers like Blueprint, NetEnt and Quickspin to name a few. The platform also leverages Pariplay’s own suite of innovative games, including popular titles like Viking Glory, Dragons of the North and Gold’orado.
Using innovative technology and a wealth of industry experience, Lindar Media built the proprietary bingo platform over the course of three years. With no wagering requirements and uncapped real money wins, brings a new life into the world of online bingo by providing players with both bingo and casino slot offerings. The brand currently operates eight online bingo rooms and hosts over 90 slot games on its site.
In addition, has experienced impressive growth since its launch in August 2018, as a result of its successful affiliate programme and white label business. The platform is currently nominated in the best ‘Mobile Bingo Product’ and ‘Rising Star’ categories at the 2019 EGR Operator Awards on 24th October.
Prior to this partnership, Pariplay bolstered its presence in Europe’s regulated markets by launching its services in Denmark and Bulgaria. These accompany existing partnerships in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Belgium. The revolutionary games supplier also acquired a Class II gaming licence in Romania and is in the process of expanding into Portugal and Italy.
Savvas Fellas, Managing Director at Lindar, said: “We found Pariplay to be the best suited partner for our strategic growth and plans. We are very excited about the opportunities Pariplay FUSION will allow us to explore from both an acquisition and retention point of view. With the right suppliers and the right technology, we can grow MrQ’s portfolio of slot content in the least amount of time with the least amount of friction.”
Richard Mintz, Commercial and Marketing Director at Pariplay, said: “Partnering with a successful bingo platform like MrQ is another key development in Pariplay’s overall growth. As an industry-leading supplier, our Pariplay FUSION platform delivers enhanced and innovative content that offers our partners an edge in the broader iGaming market. We’re also proud to provide a seamless integration process that ensures players have access to unique and interactive gaming experiences.”
For more information about Pariplay’s new partnership with MrQ, contact Pariplay.


New Topgolf Swing Suite Enhances Foxwoods Resort Casino’s 21+ Guest Offering

Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut is among the largest casinos in the United States, with more than 9 million square feet of gaming, entertainment, fine dining, and more. The recent addition of Topgolf Swing Suite demonstrates Foxwoods’ continued commitment to being a full-service resort destination, offering an unparalleled array of experiences for guests (21+) to enjoy.
Foxwoods’ Topgolf Swing Suite features two simulator bays – which fit up to eight people each – that provide guests the opportunity to play the popular Topgolf Swing Suite target game along with crowd favourites like Zombie Dodgeball, Hockey Shots, and Baseball Pitching. The Topgolf Swing Suite also includes throwback arcade games, a DJ booth, lounge seating and a full-service craft bar maximizing entertainment and socialization opportunities for guests. Within the first eight months of operation, the Swing Suite totalled over 33,000 covers.
Attracting a New Demographic with Swing Suite
Recent studies have shown that millennials, now the largest spending cohort, are spending more on experiences rather than goods. However, this trend has yet to extend to casinos. As noted by the Illinois Better Government Association, “millennials, practically weaned online, are embracing esports, fantasy sports and skill-gaming while shunning the slot machines and table gaming that long lured their parents to casinos.”
Foxwoods set out to create a one-of-a-kind experience built around Topgolf Swing Suite that would attract and retain millennial guests.
“It’s very unique because it’s much more than golf,” explains Senior VP of Resort Operations Jason Guyot. “By focusing on experience first, we have been able to create a unique space that integrates traditional casino gaming into a more modern, millennial-friendly environment. Our Swing Suite is really drawing a younger demographic to the resort…this interactive experience suits that demo well, and we’ve been able to draw more (people) into the facility because of Swing Suite.”
Foxwoods’ Topgolf Swing Suite also includes a full-service bar that features the first-ever craft cocktails available on the property, including speakeasy drinks reminiscent of the 1920’s and 1930’s such as the White Negroni, Cucumber Elderflower Fizz, and a Smoked Old Fashioned.  Shareable menu items such as smoked wings and Neapolitan pizzas were hand-selected by Foxwoods’ Executive Chef Eddie Allen to appeal to Swing Suite customers and are prepared in an onsite brick oven.


Pure Gaming from Amatic industries on show at Bege

AMATIC Industries will be demonstrating why it is the gaming company that offers PURE GAMING at the Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo (BEGE) that will take place between 20th and 21st November in Sofia.
The proven cabinets will take centre stage – the upright AMAROX C24 and the slant top Performer Grand Arc (PGA). Both stand out with eye-catching design and wide-screen monitors, making use of the latest technology. AMATIC gaming machines are built to last and offer maximum uptime, fitted with the in-house developed HARDROX (HX) hardware platform which convinces through its enhanced performance, stability and security.
The MULTI GAME company will be further bolstering its games offer with new games specifically for operators that already have AMATIC on their gaming floors. Customers thus will see their return on investment further strengthened, making the choice for AMATIC Industries all the clearer.
AMATIC Industries is also active in the online gaming business in Bulgaria with its AMANET range of games. Visitors to the BEGE can receive more information on how popular AMANET games are.
AMATIC Industries will once again be exhibiting with local partner Casino Game Innovation (CGI) on stand N 3.7 to introduce the further expanded MULTI GAME range.


Acuris Risk Intelligence launches enhanced due diligence database for the gaming sector

New service means gambling companies can cut customer onboarding time while managing risk and compliance
By compiling its extensive 10-year collection of EDD reports into a fully searchable database, Acuris Risk Intelligence has created a powerful new resource for the gambling industry.
The Gambling Risk Intelligence Database includes valuable due diligence reports on both individuals and companies, including source of wealth, ultimate beneficial owners, business interests, potential red flags and a wealth overview. Report subjects are also able to be screened daily within the system for standard AML flags such as PEP and sanction changes.
Reports matching the user’s search criteria can be instantly downloaded, reducing the time needed to onboard new customers while still offering a high level of due diligence. Where information is not on the database, customers can order new reports for delivery in days. Available reports include:
•                 • Player Wealth Pre-Assessment
•                 • Player Xpress Wealth Assessment
•                 • Player Enhanced Wealth Assessment
•                 • Individual Gaming Executive B2B
•                 • Business Gaming EDD B2B
Gambling Risk Intelligence Database reports are compiled by a team of more than 100 researchers drawing on 35,000 sources and operating in over 47 languages.
Reports are available on an annual subscription basis with pricing depended on the type of report and recency of information.
For more information contact us: or +44 (0) 203 742 1300.


Evolution signs landmark deal with Flutter Entertainment brands Paddy Power and Betfair

Flutter Entertainment is a global sports betting, gaming and entertainment provider, with a strong product and brand portfolio serving millions of customers worldwide.
The agreement will see the group’s Paddy Power and Betfair brands offer Evolution’s entire Live Casino portfolio, including Evolution’s exclusive game show titles such as Deal or No Deal Live and Lightning Roulette, as well as its international native speaking Roulette package.
Sebastian Johannisson, Chief Commercial Officer at Evolution Gaming, commented: “This is a landmark agreement for Evolution, a significant deal that we have been working towards for a number of years. We are thrilled at the prospect of Flutter Entertainment’s powerhouse brands Paddy Power and Betfair presenting our world-leading Live Casino offering and we are sure that their players will relish our live game shows offering.”
Johannisson added: “We are honoured to be working with Flutter Entertainment. Our companies are very well matched in terms of ambition and culture, and we are confident that we are the perfect partner to take their Live Casino offering to the next level.”
Mike Phelan, Commercial Director at Paddy Power, said: “We have seen the strong performance from Evolution’s product line over recent years. We are incredibly excited to be able to extend our offering in the Live Casino space by offering our players exclusive big brand live games such as Deal or No Deal Live and Lightning Roulette, to name just two of the big attractions in the Evolution games portfolio.”


Sportradar appoints Werner Becher as new managing director of U.S. betting

Former Interwetten CEO brought in to further enhance Sportradar’s growth and expansion in U.S. betting market
Sportradar, the world’s leading provider of sports data and content, today announced the appointment of Werner Becher as its new Managing Director of U.S. Betting.
Becher most recently served as CEO of Interwetten, where he was responsible for the global strategic positioning of the sports betting operator, more than doubling the organisation’s revenue during his seven-year tenure.
In his new role at Sportradar, Becher will be focused on the growth, development and execution of the company’s betting strategy in the U.S. Werner, who has 25 years’ experience in the digital sector, will be located in Sportradar’s New York office.
“We are delighted to welcome Werner as our Managing Director of U.S. Betting,” said Carsten Koerl, Chief Executive Officer, Sportradar. “Since we first opened for business in the U.S. several years ago, we have experienced the rapid growth of sports betting in the region and fully expect this to continue for many more years as new states regulate. I am confident that Werner’s deep expertise will help us to both maximise the tremendous opportunity we have to grow our market share and further enable the expansion of this key market.”
“On behalf of the board, we are extremely pleased that Werner has joined us to steer the company’s sports engagement platform in the U.S. Due to our continuing global success and strong balance sheet we will continue to be focused on deploying capital that helps us meet the accelerating needs of our clients through organic and inorganic investments for our U.S. and global clients, like our recent acquisition of Optima,” said Tony Aquila, Chairman of the Board, Sportradar.
Werner Becher, MD of U.S. Betting, Sportradar, said: “I am thrilled to have joined Sportradar during such an exciting period. I look forward to working closely with Carsten, Tony and management to grow our market share and ensure the future success of the organisation.”
Becher’s career to date has also seen him lead the development of several highly successful software and digital companies within the IT business community, including spending eight years as CEO of Austrian IT service provider Adesso before joining Interwetten.