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APPT Manila 2019: Lester Edoc runner-up in the Super High Roller; Benigno Ledina triumphs in National

APPT Manila 2019 is now in full swing. With the opening events completed and the early winners lauded, we now move into the business end of the series.
We have results from the ₱500,000 Super High Roller, the ₱,5000,000 guaranteed APPT National, two ₱100,000 events and comprehensive reports of all the latest winners from completed events to bring you.
₱500,000 Super High Roller: Winner – Chaofei Wang
Chaofei Wang – Photo Chris Librojo courtesy of PokerStarsEvent 13 carried the highest buy in of any event in this series, attracting 51 runners who all paid ₱500,000 (US$9,766) to take their shot at this title. This created a mouth-watering prize pool of ₱23,992,950 (US$468,621). The assembled field was awash with quality, a fact which remained true even as the tournament got down the final table stage.
With the field size down to single figures the players were still contesting a minimum cash of ₱1,259,950 (US$24,609) with only seven seats getting paid. The Philippines’ finest were the star attractions, with Mike Takayama and Lester Edoc casting imposing shadows across the final table. They were joined by India’s rising star, Abhinav Iyer who was looking to continue his excellent year having already picked up his first WSOP bracelet earlier this summer in the $1,500 Closer event for $565,346.
Sadly, for Iyer his challenge ran out of steam as the final table wore on, but he can take some pride from an eventual 5th place finish for ₱2,039,000 (US$39,825). China’s Xiaqing Ji would follow him to the rail soon after in 4th, leaving Takayama, Edoc and China’s Chaofei Wang who was suddenly wielding a comfortable chiplead having eliminated Ji. The Philippine stars tried over the next few levels to chip away at Wang, and Edoc managed to overhaul him in the counts before the two found themselves level at the top.
Philippine hopes partially evaporated however, when Mike Takayama’s dwindling stack was hoovered up by Wang in an AQ against AK cooler, bringing the action heads up.
Chaofei Wang vs Lester Edoc – Photo Chris Librojo courtesy of PokerStars The two challengers then slugged it out for several hours, with Edoc struggling against a 2 to 1 chip disadvantage for long periods. The chips finally went in after Edoc had flopped top pair against Wang’s pocket kings, sending the final pot to the Chinese player and almost doubling his lifetime career cashes of $241,783.
The final payouts are as follows:
1st – Chaofei Wang (China) – ₱7,558,000 (US$147,620)
2nd – Lester Edoc (Philippines) – ₱5,458,000
3rd – Mike Takayama (Philippines) – ₱3,479,000
4th – Xiaqing Ji (China) – ₱2,639,000
5th – Abhinav Iyer (India) – ₱2,039,000
6th – Lifeng Yang (USA) – ₱1,560,000
7th – Kun Jiang (China) – ₱1,259,950
₱33,000 APPT National: Winner – Benigno Ledina
Benigno Ledina – Photo Chris Librojo courtesy of PokerStarsThe APPT National saw 674 hopefuls take a seat, having paid the ₱33,000 (US$645) to enter. This saw the total prize pool swell to ₱19,417,266 (US$379,251) with ₱4,174,500 (US$81,535) set aside for the champion. It took three days of play for the final table to be set, with Vietnam’s experienced pro Linh Tran providing the star name attraction. The final table was an interesting mix of nations too, with seven different countries represented in the final nine players.
As the players began falling out of contention and making their way to the rail, Vietnam’s Tran began to leave his mark on the table, accumulating a formidable looking chip stack. His upward trend was matched only by Benigno Ledina, who was also very active and picking up plenty of pots. Perennial short-stack Shaham eventually withered away in 4th before Ledina took control of the race for the title with a huge pot against Lee Wang Yong. Ledina called off a shove with pocket fours and was able to win a flip to eliminate Yong in 3rd and carry a 3 to 1 chiplead into heads up play.
Tran may have had all the experience with almost $1,200,000 in live career cashes, but having all the chips is always preferable, and Ledina quickly put his to work, putting pressure on Tran at every opportunity until finally picking up AA against Tran’s 88. That would be enough to end proceedings, with Ledina picking up a career-best score of ₱4,174,500 (US$81,535) for his victory.
The final payouts are as follows:
1st – Benigno Jr Ledina (Philippines) – ₱4,174,500 (US$81,805)
2nd – Linh Tran (Vietnam) – ₱2,586,500
3rd – Lee Wang Yong (South Korea) – ₱1,602,000
4th – Eran Shaham (Israel) – ₱1,213,500
5th – Hogyun Kang (South Korea) – ₱825,000
6th – Si Yang Phua (Indonesia) – ₱631,000
7th – Tetsuro Tomita (Japan) – ₱524,500
8th – Thijs Hilberts (Netherlands) – ₱437,500
9th – Jason Kyle Magbanua      (Philippines) – ₱370,766
₱100,000 NLH Shot Clock (Re-Entry): Winner – Bobby Zhang
Bobby Zhang – Photo Chris Librojo PokerStarsEvent 5 of the series saw 77 players step forward to compete for the title, with each paying ₱100,000 to get involved. The prize pool eventually reached ₱6,871,480 (US$134,211) with ten players going on to make the money.
The later stages of the tournament saw a couple of big names making deep runs. China’s Celina Lin was joined at the final table Japan’s Iori Yogo, but neither was able to build much momentum as the final table progressed. Yogo hit the rail in 8th place before Lin followed later in 5th. When the action got down to heads up, it was Vietnam’s Cao Anh and Australia’s Bobby Zhang left to fight for the title, with the players quickly agreeing to a chop for the money. There was still a small amount of extra cash to play for however, and Anh’s elimination in 2nd place saw Zhang pick up the top prize of ₱1,563,600 (US$30,540). This makes a welcome addition to his career cashes of US$849,410.
Here are the final payouts:
1st – Bobby Zhang (Australia) – ₱1,563,600 (US$30,540)
2nd – Cao Anh (Vietnam) – ₱1,528,900
3rd – Meng Long (China) – ₱824,500
4th – Keisuke Fujita (Japan) – ₱687,000
5th – Celina Lin (China) – ₱549,500
6th – Wayne Heung (Hong Kong) – ₱481,000
7th – Yuichi Akanama (Japan) – ₱412,500
8th – Iori Yogo (Japan) – ₱343,480
9th – Florencio Campomanes (Phillipines) – ₱275,000
₱100,000 NLH Shot Clock Freezeout
Wayne Weiyi Zhang wins ₱100K NLH Shot Clock Freezeout: Photo credit – PokerStarsThis event was the second ₱100,000 (US$1,953) event with shot clocks to get underway in quick succession. This one brought a smaller field of forty runners with it, generating a prize pool of ₱3,569,000 (US$69,708). The limited field size meant that only six players went on to receive prize money.
China was heavily represented at the final table and when the field came down to four players, only Chinese players remained. Perhaps the most well known of them was Wayne Weiyi Zhang, who had over $1.4 million in live cashes before this event began. Zhang’s experience became a pivotal factor four-handed as he became the dominant force at the table, accumulating a strong chip stack by the time the action reached the heads-up stage. His opponent Daji Chen provided some resistance, but after they had struck a deal to chop most of the money, he could not stop Zhang’s march towards victory, eventually busting in 2nd place.
Here are the final payouts:
1st – Wayne Weiyi Zhang (China) – ₱1,066,000
2nd – Daji Chen (China) – ₱1,040,000
3rd – Yiqing Huang (China) – ₱535,500
4th – Jingzhi Wang (China) – ₱392,500
5th – Ivan Hon Cheong Lee (Hong Kong) – ₱285,500
6th – Yohwan Lim (South Korea) – ₱250,100
Other events
Event 7 – ₱10,000 (US$195) NLH Freezeout
Entries: 120
Prize pool: ₱1,024,320 (US$20,007)
Winner: Chunsan Fan (China) – ₱271,400 (US$5,301)
Event 9 – ₱10,000 (US$195) NLH Deepstack (Single Re-Entry)
Entries: 155
Prize pool: ₱1,323,080 (US$25,842)
Winner: Michael de Leon (Philippines) – ₱337,400 (US$6,590)
Event 10 – ₱25,000 (US$488) Megastack NLH Shot Clock Freezeout
Entries: 282
Prize pool: ₱6,154,650 (US$120,210)
Winner: Lixun Zhou (China) – ₱1,192,739 (US$23,296)
Event 11 – ₱150,000 (US$2,930) NLH 6+ (Re-Entry)
Entries: 19
Prize pool: ₱2,598,630 (US$50,755)
Winner: Hao Zhu (China) – ₱1,299,500 (US$25,381)
Event 12 – ₱15,000 (US$293) NLH SuperDeep Freezeout
Entries: 287
Prize pool: ₱3,758,265 (US$73,405)
Winner: Tae Hoon Han (New Zealand) – ₱892,500 (US$17,432)
Article by Craig Bradshaw
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Hot summer on Natural8: $300K in giveaways and a new Bubble protection

This August, Natural8 has released a new, industry first feature for tournaments — Bubble Protection for Early Birds, alongside another Rush & Cash promotion — $100,000 Drop Race. There is also a $200,000 giveaway for Omaha players.
Below are the details.
$100K Rush and Cash Giveaway

Natural8 is offering another Rush & Cash promotion with $100,000 starting in August. The Drop Race, as aptly named, will have players seeking out for the golden tables. Every cent players make out of the Cash Drop hands will also get them points to the leaderboard.
Every $0.01 you claim from Cash Drops will grant you 1 point.
Weekly Periods (UTC+0)
August 1st, 00:00:00 – August 10th, 23:59:59
August 11th, 00:00:00 – August 17th, 23:59:59
August 18th, 00:00:00 – August 24th, 23:59:59
August 25th, 00:00:00 – August 31st, 23:59:59
Join Natural8
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Mid-year update on GPI Asia’s top 10: Daniel Tang takes the lead

With the summer’s biggest poker event all wrapped up, it’s time for a mid-year review on the Global Poker Index Asia rankings. Since our last update significant changes have taken place; only six players secured their top ten standing and Hong Kong’s Daniel Chi Tang overtook Malaysia’s Christopher Michael Soyza for the top spot.
#1 Daniel Chi Tang – 3,183.88 points
Danny TangDaniel Chi Tang is the new GPI Asia frontrunner with 3,183.88 points. Prior to his trip to Las Vegas, Tang trailed previous leader, Christopher Michael Soyza, by around 860 points. After his stunning success this summer where he triumphed at the WSOP 2019 50K High Roller, finished 10th at the WSOP 2019 100K High Roller, and took 9th at the DeepStack Championship Series $3500 No Limit Hold’em event, he accrued nearly 900 points to surge ahead by a small margin. Tang became the first-ever player from Hong Kong to seize a WSOP bracelet in Las Vegas. He is currently ranked 12th in GPI overall and 11th for GPI Player of the Year 2019.
#2 Christopher Michael Soyza – 3,156.21 points
Michael Soyza – Photo Triton PokerGPI Asia POY 2018 winner Christopher Michael Soyza had a foothold on the #1 spot for some time but dropped to second rank after the WSOP 2019. While Tang experienced a very successful run, Soyza only cashed in a few events earning points that were too low to compute into his overall GPI ranking. Still, the Malaysian pro’s past achievements – prior to the series – were substantial to keep him poised right on Tang’s heels. A few of Soyza’s largest point-generating events were his victories at the EPT Barcelona 2018 No Limit Hold’em, Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Jeju 2019 No Limit Hold’em 6-Handed, and APPT Korea 2019 Super High Roller.
#3 Yan Shing “Anson” Tsang – 2,491.68 points
Anson Tsang – Photo WSOPRanked third is Yan Shing “Anson” Tsang with 2,491.68 points. Tsang has held this spot since last year. He was the first player from Hong Kong to clasp a WSOP bracelet after reigning at the WSOPE 2018 €2,200 Pot Limit Omaha 8-max. To maintain position, Tsang picked up nearly 900 points this summer. His deepest run and largest point-generating event was at the WSOP 2019 $10K Short Deck where he finished 3rd.
#4 Pete Yen Han Chen – 2,482.94 points
Pete Chen – Photo PokerStarsAlike Tsang, Pete Yen Han Chen is also parked in the same spot as our last update. Once again he cashed in double digits at the WSOP. Out of all the Asians, he posted the most deep runs with fourteen cashes. His best finish was 11th at the $5K No Limit Hold’em event. Prior to that, in May, Chen placed 3rd at the EPT Monte Carlo €1,100 No Limit Hold’em. Another event earning him over 200 points was his 3rd place finish at the APT Taiwan TWD 50,000 Championships Event in late February. Chen is the only Taiwanese player currently in the GPI Asia top ten.
#5 Seng Yee Leow – 2,416.49 points 
Ivan Leow and Team MalaysiaWell-known Malaysian high roller Seng Yee Leow aka Ivan Leow is a newcomer to the GPI Asia top ten list and is ranked 5th with 2,416.49 points. Leow was on fire last year finishing deep in numerous high roller and super high roller events around Asia and Europe. This year, Leow seems less active, posting only a handful of cashes. His largest points were earned at the Six Handed events of the Triton Series in Jeju and Montenegro.
#6 Yang Zhang – 2,300.07 points 
Yang Zhang – Photo PokerStars LiveChina’s Yang Zhang slid down one spot to 6th rank with 2,300.07 points. Unlike last year, his cashes this year are significantly less however the year is not yet over. His best run was right after the WSOP. He took on APPT Jeju where he placed 2nd out of 362 entries at the Main Event. This earned him nearly 300 points.
#7 Sean Yu – 2,200.60 points 
Sean YuSean Yu is another new entry in the GPI Asia top ten. Based in the USA, his achievements were mostly earned in events held in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Back in 2017, Yu was the first player to capture a WSOP bracelet for Korea. He did so by winning a unique event called the Global Casino Championship where he overcame a field littered with WSOP top performers of that year. Yu is decorated with a long list of WSOP Circuit victories. His most recent win was in March at the WSOP Circuit LA $1700 Main Event. He is also ranked #1 in Korea’s All Time Money List with over US$ 2.3 Million in live tournament earnings. 
#8 Phachara Wongwichit – 2,137.34 points 
Phachara Wongwichit – Photo PokerStarsGPI POY Thailand 2018 Phachara Wongwichit joins the top ten list in 8th rank with 2,137.34 points. Wongwichit cashed seven times in Las Vegas this summer with his furthest at the DeepStack Championship Poker Series – US$ 1,1000 Monster Stack event – finishing 6th out of 2,232 players. Another impressive run was at The Wynn Summer Classic US$ 1,100 No Limit Hold’em event taking 4th out of 447 entries. He is currently ranked #1 in Thailand’s All Time Money List. 
#9 Iori Yogo – 2,108.79 points 
Iori YogoOne of Japan’s more well known pros is Iori Yogo with over US$ 1.4 Million in live tournament earnings. A large bulk of Yogo’s recent winnings were claimed at Asian Poker Tour events around the region. In April, he won the APT Philippines High Rollers and placed 2nd at the APT Championships Event. Then on his trip to Las Vegas, he cashed 8 times. His most impressive finish was 6th out of 717 at the WSOP 2019 US$ 1,500 Omaha Mix event. 
#10 Xixiang Luo – 2,096.05 points 
Xixiang LuoAnother Chinese pro in the lineup is Xixiang Luo holding 10th position with 2,096.05 points. Luo continues to be one of China’s strongest competitors. He cashed 8 times in Las Vegas, playing in a majority of events with fields seeing thousands of players. Luo accrued the largest number of points at the WSOP 2019 US$ 10K buy-in Main Event finishing 178th out of 8,569. Among his deep runs in the smaller events was 35th out of 564 at the US$5K buy-in Card Player Poker Tour Main Event.
Article by Tricia David
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EGT Spain and Gran Casino de Castellon team up to fascinate the players

Euro Games Technology notched up another success in Spain, increasing the number of its machines in the reputable Orenes Group’s gaming facilities with the first installation of Premier Curved cabinets in Gran Casino de Castellon. The partnership between the companies has evolved over the years with a number of deliveries of the slot bestsellers P-24/24 Up and P-24/32V Up with the Egypt Quest jackpot in most of the operator’s casinos. Now it reaches a milestone, introducing the P-42V St Curved model to the players, equipped with the Orange and Green Collection gaming mixes and with the Premium Link jackpot that is compatible with all types of slot machines.
“The Premier Curved model is a top performer in many countries and I am confident that it will not make an exception for Spain,” commented Kristian Kostovski, director of EGT Spain. “Orenes Group is an operator known for its impeccable services and the elegant Gran Casino de Castellon is a place worth visiting, if you are in search for classy entertainment. I am delighted that EGT was chosen to diversify their product offerings and am glad to acknowledge that the shown initial results of the machines is another success in a row, taking into account the performance of the previously installed EGT equipment.”
Orenes Group has been a major participant in the recreation industry in Spain for over 40 years and has achieved a leading role in the casinos, bingos, amusement arcades, sports betting, hotel terminals and online gaming sub-sectors. “We aim to offer the latest and the most original products to our players, because their enjoyment is our sure bet” shared Paco Zahinos, director of Gran Casino Castellon. “The newly delivered cabinets of EGT came out to be a sure bet as well. Thanks to them we welcomed more guests in our casino who mostly appreciated their contemporary design, curved displays and variety of games. The cabinets have a very high occupancy rate which makes us also ponder several more installations with EGT Spain in near future.”
The P-42V St Curved model has refreshed the gaming halls of many operators around the world. Combined with the Collection series mixes of 48 various titles each, it becomes a valuable tool for players’ maximum satisfaction. The cabinet features a 42-inch portrait-oriented curved monitor with integrated touch screen and an optional 27-inch overhead topper. It ensures high comfort with its ergonomic design that also attracts from afar with its ambient LED illumination, highlighting the machine’s contour. The Premium Link system may connect all EGT and other manufacturers’ slot models to participate for common mystery and symbol-driven progressive jackpots. It is easy adjustable to different operators’ requirements and adds more thrill to the game.
“The installation in Gran Casino Castellon is the next stage of our progress in Spain,” concluded Mr. Kostovski. “In future we will keep on relying on new and high performing homologations for the country, like the trendy Premier Curved product line.”


Maverick Gaming Announces Purchase of Roman

Maverick Gaming LLC have announced the signing of a definitive purchase agreement to buy Roman Casino located in Renton Washington. 
“This purchase gives Maverick thirteen card rooms in Washington and nearly 200 table games” said Eric Persson, Owner of Maverick Gaming. 
“In the next month we expect to give details on six more Washington properties, and we look forward to elevating the card room experience in this State,” said Tim Merrill, President of Maverick Washington. “As our cardroom footprint grows, customers will achieve significant player benefits, such as the ability to earn points at one property and redeem at another. We also intend to develop hotels in the Seattle market, which are badly needed, and customers will be able to redeem points for room nights as well.” 
“It feels great to be back home and the fact that my company will provide over 3,000 jobs which have average compensation above $75,000 is something that I am very proud of. We look forward to adding even more jobs and opportunity over the next several years” said Mr. Persson. 
Maverick intends to fund this GAG transaction primarily with cash on hand and debt financing from HG Vora Capital Management, a private investment firm. 


Zitro Participates In The Inauguration Of The Spectacular Maverick Complex In Argentina By Petros Philippou3rd July 2019 No Comments

Zitro’s renowned Video Slots Bryke are already in the recently opened Hotel Casino Maverick in Argentina. A premiere that, from the start, the banks of video slots of Bryke were heavily occupied.
The president of the Casino Maverick Hotel, Fabio Torres, commented, “We are proud to inaugurate this project, in which we have worked with so much effort and symbolises for us the professional growth of so many years in the entertainment industry. Today we can not only satisfy our clients with games on offers but our complex has also a four star hotel, spa, gastronomic offer divided into a restaurant located on the first floor and three bars in the gaming rooms occupying a total space of 3084 m2 to offer for the first time in the city of Plaza Huincul, a full experience, endowed with the quality of the service that represent us from our beginnings.”
Mariana Salazar, General Manager of Maverick, says: “We thank our customers who have given us their unconditional support for so many years to keep growing and suppliers like Zitro that accompany us with their sensational products”.
Alejandra Burato, Regional Manager of Zitro for Latam, highlights the spectacular Casino Maverick offer: “Our fabulous progressive multi-game banks, Link King and Link Me, are part of the assured success for our customers in Argentina and throughout the region. In addition, the new launch of the standalone Smart Spins games that we know are a safe bet for fun.”


SkillOnNet has Germany licence renewed

Schleswig Holstein regulator reissues online casino licence to continue to operate its hugely popular DrückGlück brand in the country
SkillOnNet, the platform provider behind some of the most popular online casino brands in Europe, has had its Germany licence reissued by the Schleswig Holstein regulator so that it can continue to operate its DrückGlück brand in the country.
This is a major milestone for SkillOnNet, DrückGlück and online casino as it brings to a close recent speculation that operators may be prohibited from pushing their brands to players in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. SkillOnNet’s licence permits it to operate in the country until 2021.
To coincide with the reissuing of its casino licence, DrückGlück has signed an extension to its current unique sponsorship deal with 2 Bundesliga football team Holstein Kiel that includes press wall logo placement, LED boards around the stadium, cam-carpets, billboards, a centre circle banner and more.
In addition to this, SkillOnNet will re-open its marketing war chest with plans to spend big on a high-profile TV advertising campaign that will run across well-known TV channels including Pro7, RTL, SAT1, VOX, Kabel1 and Sport1.
Michael Golembo from SkillOnNet, said: “We are thrilled to have been reissued our online casino licence in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, allowing us to continue to offer players in the country the best possible online casino experience through DrückGlück.
“This is being backed by a major marketing campaign, first through extending our current partnership with Holstein Kiel – which to date has proved to be hugely successful for both parties – and then via a major TV advertising campaign across all the big channels.
“DrückGlück, with over 3,000 games on offer, has established itself as the online casino market leader in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and the renewal of our licence proves that we are doing this while meeting the highest possible regulatory standards.”
Tim Jost, Head of Marketing at Holstein Kiel, said: After a very good start to a very promising cooperation, DrückGlück and KSV Holstein-Kiel have agreed on a long-term continuation and expansion of the partnership. With DrückGlück at our side, we have gained a partner who is very committed to Holstein Kiel and always communicates with us in an open and personal way, which we greatly appreciate here.
“Furthermore, we are proud that the brand Holstein Kiel can also be promoted to other public spaces by its partner DrückGlück. Community actions for fans and partners of KSV Holstein are implemented. We are very much looking forward to further positioning the Holstein Kiel brand together with our partner and to be able to execute interesting campaigns for our fans and sponsors. We are very proud to have this partner by our side and look forward to the coming years.”


Playson expands global reach with Pragmatic Solutions partnership

Slot supplier strikes deal with platform provider
Casino software developer Playson has agreed a partnership with Pragmatic Solutions to distribute its games through the company’s open iGaming platform.
Under the agreement, the slot supplier will deliver its portfolio of more than 60 games including popular titles such as Legend of Cleopatra, Wild Burning Wins and Book of Gold.
The deal gives Playson the opportunity to supply its content to key operators from across the market and is the latest in a string of important deals the slot provider has made this year.
Michael Tadross, Head of Commercial Department at Playson said: “We are delighted to have entered into this new partnership with Pragmatic Solutions, which paves the way for Playson to deliver our innovative portfolio as well as experience-enhancing features to operators using Pragmatic Solutions’ highly successful platform. The technical project is progressing well and we’re excited to go live with our first operator over the coming weeks.”
Flavia Dumitru, Head of Operations at Pragmatic Solutions said: “We’ve been hugely impressed by Playson and its innovative games content and we’re delighted with this new collaboration. We look forward to helping distribute its popular suite of games and building a successful partnership in the future.”


EGT Interactive partners with Germaniasport in Croatia

EGT Interactive has strengthened its presence in Croatia with a new partnership with major operator Germaniasport.
EGT Interactive has signed a deal with Germaniasport in Croatia. This partnership is a continuation of their partnership with Mozzarbet group. Being a part of one group and based on its highly successful partnership with Mozzartbet in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company is looking forward with great expectations towards their latest collaboration with Germaniasport.
Todor Zahraviev, CEO of EGT Interactive commented: “EGT Interactive has long-term traditions in Croatia, covering not only the online but also the land-based operations. Our product has been proven throughout the years to be not only well-known but also highly-successful and preferred by the players. For us, this partnership is not only a natural continuation to the existing partnership with the group of companies of Mozzartbet, but will also surely strengthen our position in the territory, ensuring the Tier 1 status of our premium content. We are certain that we are looking towards a highly successful collaboration for both sides and we are thrilled by the opportunity to be able to provide our content to the vast base of players of Germaniasport.”
Following the EGT Interactive deal, Matej Miloš, CEO of Germania Sport commented the new step up in business collaboration: “Partnership with EGT in land-based operations through the years gives us full confidence that the premium content and exceptional service will be provided to our users.
“Growth of our company is based on exceptional values and high standards for also users and employees and we are happy to have EGT interactive as a partner that will provide our online service take to the next level.”


Big Cash Games action in Las Vegas during the WSOP

Reports suggest the current blinds in Bobby’s Room are $4K/8K and $250K pots are changing hands. Who said summertime in Vegas was all about the WSOP? This cash game action does of course spring up partly due to the WSOP bringing players together, but many players head to Vegas at this time of year purely for the cash games.
Big action in Bobby’s Room with Gus Hansen involved
Just like last year, Gus Hansen is treating the poker world to regular Instagram updates of his cash game exploits. His posts have provided details of the huge blinds and six-figure pots changing hands, along with letting the poker world know that he is currently winning in the games.

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Pinoy Briefs: Mark Amparo wins the Metro WALK TO A MILLION; Manila Super Series and APPT Manila in July

We’ve entered the last half of the year and with that comes plenty of exciting poker all over the Asian region. Focusing our attention on the Philippines, this July will see plenty of cards flying and chips shuffling at Okada Manila. Two events will bookend the month, the Manila Super Series 11 and APPT Manila.
These events come right after the conclusion of the Metro WALK TO A MILLION.
Mark Amparo – Photo MetroEach year, the country’s most popular card room – Metro Card Club aka Metro – hosts a number of homegrown festivals. Players, though mostly locals, flock in drooling at the generous prize pools offered at very affordable costs. From June 26 to July 1, the poker room was buzzing with one of these annual events, the Metro WALK TO A MILLION with a Php 1.5 Million guaranteed Main Event.
Over the course of the four starting days, 616 entered at a buy-in of just Php 3,500 (~US $70). The guarantee was exceeded and replaced with a larger Php 1,971,200 (~US$ 38,500) prize pool. Bringing home the trophy and the Php 535,000 (~US$ 10,200) first place purse was Metro Team Pro Mark Amparo. This was Amparo’s second Metro title of his career having won the room’s 2M Main Event back in 2016.
Final Table payouts
Prize pool: Php 1,971,200 – Buyin: Php 3,500 – Entries: 616 – ITM: 61
1st Mark Amparo – Php 535,000
2nd Bonifacio Mondalo – Php 294,064
3rd Reiner Magbutay – Php 180,000
4th Bryan Pelandas – Php 111,600
5th Jessie Bulatao – Php 80,000
6th Tyrone Lim – Php 60,800
7th Jimmie Javier – Php 48,000
8th Randy Cirineo – Php 38,400
9th Joseph Sia – Php 28,800
10th Royly Oracion – Php 22,400
Up next at the Metro is a new festival, the Batang Metro Poker Challenge (BMPC), taking place from August 21 to 26. The term “Batang Metro” translates to “Bred at the Metro”, in recognition of all the Filipino poker professionals that got their start at the room. One of those of course is local poker idol Mike Takayama who went on to win the country a first WSOP gold in 2018.Sup
Manila Super Series 11 and APPT Manila
OkadaNo breaks for players in the country. PokerStars LIVE Manila picks up immediately after the Metro WALK TO A MILLION. From July 2 to 7, the place to be is the Manila Super Series 11 at Okada Manila. The six day series offers Php 4.5 Million (~US$ 88,000) in guaranteed prizes with 13 events lined up. The Main Event is the star with Php 3,000,000 (~US$ 58,600) guaranteed for a buy-in of Php 12,000 (~US$ 240). See schedule below.
 More: Manila Super Series 11 – Schedule
At the close of the month, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour rolls in the country. The annual APPT Manila has grown to become one of the most sought after events in the region bringing in players from all across the globe. Last year the event paid out over Php 175,000,000 in prizes, roughly US$ 3.4 Million.
This upcoming installment runs from July 26 to August 5 with 24 games filling up the schedule. The Main Event comes with a Php 20,000,000 (~US$ 390,000) guarantee. Buy-in is Php 65,000 (~US$ 1,300). In total, the festival boasts of Php 28,000,000 (~US$ 545,000) in guarantees.
Other key events are: APPT National – Php 5,000,000 (~US$ 97,000) guaranteed and APPT Kickoff – Php 3,000,000 (~US$ 59,000) guaranteed.
See schedule below.
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Article by Tricia David
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WSOP 2019: Sejin Park wins Korea’s second bracelet as Yueqi Zhu is denied title defence

The 2019 WSOP continues to roll on, with stories and bracelet battles springing up across the Rio. Yesterday saw two exciting Asian stories unfold, with Korea’s Sejin Park adding to Korea’s stellar series, and Yueqi Zhu attempting to win the same event two years running, having also final tabled it the year before that.
Event 61: Sejin Park Takes Gold for Korea
Sejin Park – Photo WSOP.comJust under two weeks ago, Korea was celebrating its first ever bracelet winner as Jiyoung Kim took the Ladies Event title. Never had a Korean player won an open event however, until yesterday. Sejin Park had to wade through a giant field to do so, with the 13,109 entries for this COLOSSUS $400 NLH event being a significant increase on the previous year. This created a hefty prize pool of $4,391,515, with $451,272 set aside for the winner. Park was not the only Asian player to run deep in this event, with Taiwan’s Chen-An Lin taking 31st place for $13,261, China’s Dong Chen taking 51st for $8,780 and India’s Kunal Patni finishing in 56th for $7,219.
With the final table set, Andrew Barber was the only former bracelet winner involved. Sejin Park soon got busy at the final table, and after several swings in big pot, managed to grab the chiplead. One by one, the players fell away, with Park and Georgios Kapalas looking the more likely to claim the gold. Youtube enthusiast Ryan Depaulo had been one of the livelier players at the table, but his run ended in 3rd place soon after. Park began heads up player with a better than 2 to 1 chiplead and never looked likely to let the chance slip as he extended his lead before closing the event out.
The final payouts are as follows:
1st – Sejin Park – $451,272
2nd – Georgios Kapalas – $278,881
3rd – Ryan Depaulo – $208,643
4th – Juan Lopez – $157,106
5th – Andrew Barber – $119,072
6th – Norson Saho – $90,838
7th – Patrick Miller – $69,757
8th – Maksim Kalman – $53,925
9th – Diego Lima – $41,965
Event 63: Anatolii Zyrin takes the bracelet to deny Yueqi Zhu an impossible feat
Anatolii Zyrin – Photo WSOP.comThe $1,500 Omaha Mix brought together a strong field of 717 players, generating a prize pool of $967,950. Among those players was China’s Yueqi Zhu, who had achieved the admirable accomplishment of winning the event in 2018 just a year after having to make do with 6th place in the same event. Over the next few days, the same man once again seemed on a mission to stamp his name on this event, grinding his way up the rankings until the final table beckoned once more. He was not the only Asian hope on the third day however, with Japan’s Iori Yogo also putting on a good display to look threatening in the closing stages. The final table did not start well for Yogo, who eventually hit the rail in 6th, but for Zhu the impossible seemed possible as play ended for the night with four players still in contention. Zhu had final tabled the event three years in a row and was a close second from top in the chip counts.
Yueqi Zhu – Photo WSOP.comWhen play resumed the next day, Zhu and Russia’s Anatolii Zyrin continued where they had left off the previous day, as the two big stacks built on their dominance until they were the only two players remaining. Zhu began with a slight chip lead but having finished 2nd place in an event just three weeks ago, Zyrin was not going to be easily denied. He soon overhauled Zhu and began to pull away, a pattern which could not be broken by the Chinese pro. Zyrin kept the pressure up until finally, Zhu’s remaining stack collapsed to give victory to the Russian.
The final payouts are as follows:
1st – Anatolii Zyrin – $199,838
2nd – Yueqi Zhu – $123,466
3rd – James Van Alstyne – $84,106
4th – Mesbah Guerfi – $58,289
5th – Aron Dermer – $41,112
6th – Iori Yogo – $29,518
7th – Alan Sternberg – $21,582
Other winners
Event 60 – $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha hi/lo
Prize pool: $1,507,950
Entries: 1,117
Winner: Anthony Zinno – $279,920
Event 62 – $10,000 Razz
Prize pool: $1,090,400
Entries: 116
Winner: Scott Seiver – $301,421
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WSOP 2019: Phil Hui Wins $50K Player’s Championship, Negreanu, Seidel and Ivey go close

This week has been a fascinating one at the Rio, with the $50K Player’s Championship concluding, Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan getting involved in the action, and star names going deep in events too.
There may not be too many $10K events left, but the biggest one of all is now not far away. With 89 events on the schedule this year, we still have plenty of action to bring you over the coming days, including the 2019 WSOP Main Event.
Event 58: Phil Hui dismantles stellar field to win the $50K Player’s Championship
Phil Hui – Photo WSOP.comOf all the events that take place this summer, only a handful get the top players truly excited. If you can’t win the Main, winning the $50K Player’s Championship isn’t far away in terms of prestige. The field for this event is always littered with great players, and this year was no different, with 74 of the world’s best paying the $50,000 buy in, generating a prize pool of $3,552,000. Daniel Negreanu, Brian Rast, Michael Mizrachi, Tom Dwan and Justin Bonomo are just a few of the renowned players who fell during the first two days. Dwan was making his first appearance at the WSOP for a number of years.

Just bought in to my first tournament at the wsop in quite a long time.
Gonna try and win
— Tom Dwan (@TomDwan) June 26, 2019 read more


Parimatch Enters Partnership with FAST TRACK

Parimatch has chosen FAST TRACK CRM ( as the tool for advancing their player engagement strategy.
FAST TRACK’s ambitious team is already hard at work to fully customize the platform and enable Parimatch to create enhanced moments and interactions for their players.
Parimatch was founded in 1994 and was one of the first bookmakers in the CIS region to launch an online betting website. The brand’s success as the leader in this region has allowed them to expand into more than 10 countries, becoming a global brand.
Tamara Babits, Chief Marketing Officer of Parimatch, said: “Parimatch is a dynamic, agile organization. With FAST TRACK CRM, we will have a CRM platform that matches our own way of working: data-led and forward-thinking. The platform will allow us to interact with our players via the best channels and in the right moment.”
FAST TRACK CRM allows operators to control all aspects of player engagement from one place, in real-time. This is key to providing a personalized player experience and taking customer interaction to the next level.
FAST TRACK co-founder and CEO, Simon Lidzén, believes this partnership is a perfect match: “It is incredibly inspiring to be working with people who are already so far ahead of the crowd in their approach to data and automation. The Parimatch team have shown a deep understanding of what it means to create purposeful engagements by targeting players at the right moment, and now it is FAST TRACK’s job to support them in doing so.”
FAST TRACK has enjoyed a lot of interest in FAST TRACK CRM since the product was officially launched in February 2019 and will continue to develop services to simplify the online casino business for its partners.


Blueprint Gaming strikes iGaming Platform partnership

Supplier’s slots portfolio integrated onto the GameHub
Leading slots developer Blueprint Gaming has secured a content distribution agreement with iGaming Platform, continuing with its international growth strategy to further enhance its global footprint.
As part of the deal, popular Blueprint releases such as Fishin’ Frenzy, King Kong Cash and Wish Upon A Jackpot, as well as its range of Megaways titles, under license from Big Time Gaming, have all been integrated onto iGaming Platform’s GameHub.
Moving its content onto the GameHub significantly enhances the slot provider’s international reach, with iGaming Platform’s partner network featuring more than 250 operators in 85 different countries across the globe.
Siôr Walbyoff, Head of Business Development at Blueprint Gaming, said: “Our partnership with iGaming Platform allows us to extend our distribution and reach through its GameHub platform to new customers and territories.
“We’re excited about the partnership and look forward to seeing top performing games such as Diamond Mine, Ted and Buffalo Rising go live across the GameHub network.”
Phil Pearson, Head Of Sales & Account Management at iGaming Platform, said: “We’re proud to be launching Blueprint Gaming’s content on GameHub. They’re one of the biggest names within the industry who have established a reputation for creating a mix of exciting games that players love to experience.
“We’re sure the addition of Blueprint’s branded games, as well its range of Megaways titles, will drive greater engagement and deliver further revenues for our operator partners.”


Gamesys launches Virgin Bet brand in the UK

The landmark agreement with SBTech sees full platform Virgin Bet sportsbook released with bespoke front-end built using next-generation APIs.
The Gamesys Group has launched Virgin Bet with industry-leading sports betting supplier SBTech.
Aiming to disrupt the UK market, Virgin’s unique personality-led brand will be brought to life through a slick, simple-to-use product focusing on providing a straightforward and engaging betting experience.
Created in partnership with Gamesys’ development teams, SBTech’s award-winning platform powers Virgin Bet with a bespoke front-end interface, signifying their extensive technological capabilities and a firm commitment to the UK market.
SBTech was chosen by Gamesys following a competitive tender process to secure the landmark agreement – which is one of the UK’s biggest iGaming sportsbook deals in recent times.
Gamesys’ Gibraltar Marketing Director Simon Mizzi said: “We’re excited to launch Virgin Bet into the world’s most competitive sportsbook market. We believe the Virgin brand has the ability to help change the industry for the better and we look forward to giving our customers the experience we feel they deserve.”
SBTech CEO Richard Carter added: “This is a significant announcement and achievement for the business which strengthens our UK presence. Gamesys is likely to become one of our largest customers over time and we’re delighted to be working with their management team whom we have long admired.
“Gamesys has put its faith in us due to our proven track record of delivering world-class sportsbook and casino platform solutions. This is a testament to our talented team, outstanding product portfolio and the exceptional results we are able to generate for our partners.”


Spirit Gaming announces partnership with StylGame

Spirit Gaming now exclusive partner for the casino chair specialist in Germany.
Spirit Gaming from Germany is proud to formerly announce an exciting new partnership: Spirit Gaming is the exclusive partner for StylGame for the whole of Germany. This agreement also covers part of the Swiss market as well.
Founded by Luigi Iulita in 2001, StylGame has advanced to become a major global player for casino seating. StylGame offers a wide range of solutions. Royal Stool is the brand name that offers an amazing number of casino chairs. Customers are given maximum flexibility in choosing from many different seats and frames. Furthermore, StylGame has the right mix between modern and traditionally styled casino chairs. The trend to larger two-player casino slots is covered by the Double Seating range from StylGame, also with a great variety of choice.
StylGame is the only manufacturer of gaming chairs that has carried out specialist research (together with the local university and Casino de Venezia amongst others) in ergonomic seating. This has resulted in stylish Italian chairs that not only look great – players enjoy the comfort they offer. It has been proven how the positive effect of sitting properly can positively affect player comfort. This research has been so influential in the global gaming industry that major gaming manufacturing companies have adopted StylGame’s recommendations when creating new cabinets – to ensure that players can sit as comfortably as possible.
“StylGame has so much to offer and we see great opportunities here. It’s clear when you see StylGame chairs that this is an Italian company – they are so stylish. The proven player comfort is something that operators in Germany will be particularly open to. A gaming chair is not only an investment; it is a key part of the gaming operations. The more a player feels at ease, the more he or she will tend to choose that particular gaming location. Operators who invest in StylGame will have a competitive advantage over those who use chairs that don’t offer such a comfort value”, commented Frank Ziegler, founder and CEO of Spirit Gaming.
StylGame has a further exciting solution for the gaming market. Service Call is a stand-alone system that enables operators to provide a key service: the ability to call an assistant directly at the gaming machine. Operators can programme the service to relate to Cash-out, Technical Support or simply to order a drink or snack. This further heightens player experience and can thus increase gaming revenue.
“Spirit Gaming has quickly established itself as a major distributor and service partner in the European gaming market. We are making particular use of their roots in the German market and their knowledge of the Swiss market”, explained Luigi Iulita, owner and CEO of StylGame. “We are very excited about this partnership”.
Enquiries may be directed to Vitali Philippi whose contact details are: Email: ; Telephone  (mobile) +49 (0) 160 99645823.


Merkur Gaming at Belgrade Future Gaming 2019

Following last year’s successful première, Merkur Gaming is again presenting at this year’s Belgrade Future Gaming 2019 in Serbia from 4 to 5 June. Gauselmann subsidiary GeWeTe will once again also be represented at the trade fair. Alongside around 30 national and international exhibitors, Merkur Gaming and GeWeTe will present a top-class ‘made in Germany’ product show at the Belgrade Expo.
“Serbia is an important market for Merkur Gaming, in which our products are very well received. Belgrade Future Gaming is therefore an ideal platform at which to present them to a wider audience and at the same time underscore our commitment to the Serbian gaming market,” explains Athanasios “Sakis” Isaakidis, Chief Executive, International.
Merkur Gaming’s exhibition stand – Stand C2 in Hall 2 – speaks for itself: with an area of 85 square metres, it is 20 square metres larger than last year. The highlight this year is the Allegro cabinet, which is soon to be rolled out in Serbia. With its spectacular 43-inch curved screen with ultra-HD resolution and an ergonomically streamlined player interface, the Allegro promises a whole new gaming experience. Merkur Gaming will also make an impact at the show with its eye-catching Avantgarde Trio, the Avantgarde RTG with RTG game, the Evostar and the G-Box. GeWeTe’s cash handling specialists will exhibit four state-of-the-art cash centres. “We are looking forward to the trade fair in Serbia and to interesting conversations with customers,” Athanasios “Sakis” Isaakidis adds.  


EGT at Belgrade Future Gaming 2019 – code word innovation

“The Belgrade Future Gaming show is a long expected event in Serbia, established as a focal point of all the innovations in the local gaming industry. We have always shown developments that make a lasting impression and our display this year will not make an exception,” promises Aleksandar Kliska, general director of EGT Serbia.
Brand-new, facelifted and bestselling cutting-edge product solutions of Euro Games Technology, EGT Multiplayer and EGT Interactive will welcome the visitors of booth E1. The next generation slot cabinets of General series will be presented with the models G 32-32 VIP, G 27-32 St and Up, G 27-27 St and Up. Their high-resolution frameless monitors with integrated touch screen, optional multimedia toppers and large and convenient keyboard with dynamic touch display and electromechanical buttons ensure maximum comfort, usability and enjoinment to the players and represent EGT’s interpretation of the modern gaming trends. The VIP model in the selection justifies its superior position in comfort with its cozy multimedia chair, equipped with game and sound volume controls in its armrests and with stereo speakers in the headrest.
The General cabinets will team up with the new Red and Fruits General HD multigames, each bringing up 54 engaging titles (video slot, roulette, card, keno, etc.) as well as with the latest member of the Collection mixes – Gold Collection HD of 48 games. The facelifted bestsellers P-24/24 Up and P-27/27 St Slim along with the P-42V St Curved and the Super Premier cabinets will attract the attention with their Red, Green, Orange, Purple and Fruits Collection multigames.
Several jackpot systems at the booth will allure the visitors to different gaming adventures.  The newly developed 4-level Jackpot Cards and the universal to all EGT machines Premium Link give the players the chance to win mystery and progressive jackpots. The 4-level progressive Dragon’s Turn system welcomes into the Asian world of luck and fortune with its main game of 5 reels and 40 lines, and two wheels – inner jackpot and outer bonus, granting numerous surprises.
The latest generation S-Line terminals of EGT Multiplayer will guarantee a suitable solution for every gaming hall, being flexible enough to form various configurations. At d
isplay will be 3 out of all 5 models – S 32, S 32 32 and S 32 32 32, featuring 1, 2, or 3 HD monitors respectively. They feature multigames and multi-language options, offer real-time in-screen HD video streaming and during the show will demonstrate the King 3 and 4 multigame mixes, together with the 4-level mystery Jackpot Cards jackpot system. A dual-sided 49-inch visualization board will be part of the terminals’ configuration, enabling a high-resolution broadcasting of the jackpot levels accumulated value and a HD video streaming of the roulette wheel and the statistics of the game.
The T-Line Series of EGT Multiplayer will be presented with the T84 roulette table of 6 player stations, connected to an automated wheel. The product is equipped with a fast number detection system based on optical and IR sensors and offers the option for classic roulette rules plus dynamic paytable feature.
The Spider casino management system of EGT will demonstrate how it may facilitate the everyday activities in casinos. Along with the well-known jackpot control, Cage, TITO, and Vault modules, the visitors will become also familiar with the recently developed bonusing and player tracking functionalities.
EGT Interactive will take care of the good mood of the online gaming fans. They will enjoy some of the hottest titles in the company’s portfolio, which are available for desktop and mobile devices.


Andrian Chin wins Crown Perth Sapphire Series Main Event

The Sapphire Series Poker Challenge at the Crown Casino in Perth has come to a conclusion. The event ran from 23rd May to 2nd June and included 11 events.
Andrian Chin takes down Main Event
The Main Event of the series had a AU$ 1,150 (~US$ 800) buy-in and found 299 entries (with 49 re-entries). This created a total prize pool of AU$ 299,000 (~US$ 207,674) with a first prize of AU$ 80,000 (~US$ 55,565).
The player ultimately winning this prize money was local regular Andrian Chin, making it his biggest ever live cash and bringing him close to $400,000 in lifetime earnings.
Andrian Chin – Photo Crown PerthThe Final Table
Andrian started into the final table second in chips and had a solid journey to the top, facing Andrej Senic heads-up. Andrej had worked his way up from 8th in chips and received a second place reward of AU$ 48,000 (~US$ 33,339).
Main Event Final Table 
Event overview:
Buy-in: AU$ 1,150 (~US$ 800)
Entries: 299 (Re-entries: 49)
Prize pool: AU$ 299,000 (~US$ 207,674)
Top 10 results:
1. Andrian Chin AU$ 80,000 (~US$ 55,565)
2. Andrej Senic AU$ 48,000 (~US$ 33,339)
3. Luke Sharpe AU$ 36,000 (~US$ 25,004)
4. Paul Murray AU$ 27,000 (~US$ 18,753)
5. Peter Brasile AU$ 20,000 (~US$ 13,891)
6. Bruno Battaglia AU$ 13,500 (~US$ 9,376)
7. Jack Owens AU$ 8,500 (~US$ 5,903)
8. Kris Busby AU$ 6,900 (~US$ 4,792)
9. Scott Buchanan AU$ 5,300 (~US$ 3,681)
10. Tu Le AU$ 5,300 (~US$ 3,681)
The “Old School Deepstack Freezeout”
The first tournament of the 11-event festival was the “Old School Freezeout” with 25-minute levels, a 20,000 start stack and no re-entries. The event took place on 23rd May and had a AU$ 550 (~US$ 382) buy-in.
Dinh Pham was the lucky winner to top the 130-strong field for AU$ 19,000 (~US$ 13,196).
Dinh Pham and Dale MarslandEvent Overview:
Prize pool: AU$ 65,000
Entries: 130
Buy-in: AU$ 550 (~US$ 382)
Top 10 results:
1. Dinh Pham AU$ 19,000 (~US$ 13,196)
2. Dale Marsland AU$ 12,000 (~US$ 8,334)
3. Anonymous AU$ 8,500 (~US$ 5,903)
4. Yann Yin AU$ 6,500 (~US$ 4,514)
5. Ize Bourne AU$ 4,700 (~US$ 3,264)
6. Nick Graphia AU$ 3,400 (~US$ 2,361)
7. Gavin Clark AU$ 2,500 (~US$ 1,736)
8. Patrick Meng AU$ 1,800 (~US$ 1,250)
9. Pros Mukin AU$ 1,400 (~US$ 972)
10. Jason Wooster AU$ 1,400 (~US$ 972)
Other Winners
Event 2 – AU$ 350 Triple Chance NLH
Buy-in: AU$ 350
Entries: 115 (Re-entries: 19)
Prize pool: AU$ 34,500
Top 10 results:
1. Tim Mitchell AU$ 10,000*
2. Alan Tchung AU$ 6,700*
3. Michele Palermo AU$ 5,000*
4. Damon Greenwood AU$ 3,600
5. Matt Rynkiewicz AU$ 2,600
6. Martyn Ward AU$ 1,900
7. Rodney Bohan AU$ 1,300
8. Arthur Phillips AU$ 1,000
9. Nick Graphia AU$ $800
10. John Messina AU$ $800
*Denotes Deal Made
Event 3 – AU$ 200 Hyper Turbo 10/10/10
Buy-in: AU$ 200
Entries: 94 (Re-entries: 25)
Prize pool: AU$ 15,040
Top 8 results:
1. Pepsi Ong AU$ 5,000
2. Patrick Murphy AU$ 3,000
3. Peter Vukmirovic AU$ 2,200
4. Dean Cox AU$ 1,650
5. Phil Mamedov AU$ 1,240
6. Mark Van Dort AU$ 900
7. Anthony Fels AU$ 600
8. Raleigh Charpentier AU$ 450
Event 4 – AU$ 200 Rebuy Event
25th May 2019
Buy-in: AU$ 200
Entries: 61
Rebuys: 119 @AU$ 100
Add-on: 65 @AU$ 100
Prize pool: AU$ 28,260
Top 8 results:
1. Steven Piotrowski AU$ 7,800*
2. Tony Aslani AU$ 7,500*
3. Vesko Zmukic AU$ 4,000
4. Tom Labouchardiere AU$ 3,000
5. Tony Tartaglia AU$ 2,200
6. Chris Ngatoa AU$ 1,700
7. Richard Larkin AU$ 1,200
8. Scott Buchanan AU$ 860
*Denotes Deal Made
Event 5 – AU$ 750 6-Max
Buy-in: AU$ 750
Entries: 126 (Re-entries: 33)
Prize pool: AU$ 85,050
Top 10 results:
1. David Lim AU$ 25,500
2. Bruno Battaglia AU$ 16,600
3. Anthony Marenko AU$ 11,500
4. Andrew Miller AU$ 8,900
5. Ben Hon AU$ 6,400
6. Andrea Rispoli AU$ 4,700
7. Dean Finnimore AU$ 3,250
8. Kevin Mcfadyen AU$ 2,500
9. Adriano Scagnetti AU$ $1,900
10. John Corr AU$ $1,900
Event 6 – AU$ 350 No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-in: AU$ 350
Entries: 195 (Re-entries: 37)
Prize pool: AU$ 58,500
Top 10 results:
1. Pepsi Ong AU$ 9,800*
2. Heather D’Orazio AU$ 8,500*
3. John Messina AU$ 8,500*
4. Ooi Keong Yeo AU$ 8,500*
5. Andrew Miller AU$ 8,500*
6. Gerard McNeill AU$ 2,800
7. Nicholas Suter AU$ 2,000
8. Jeff Field AU$ 1,500
9. Josh Conduit AU$ $1,150
10. Brent Steedman AU$ $1,150
*Denotes Deal Made
Event 7 – AU$ 400 NLH Terminator
Buy-in: AU$ 400
Entries: 127 (Re-entries: 32)
Prize pool: AU$ 44,450
Top 10 results:
1. Patrick Murphy AU$ 10,200
2. Peter Frazis AU$ 6,200
3. Jason Byrne AU$ 4,400
4. Gerard Mc Neill AU$ 3,300
5. Matt Velichkovich AU$ 2,400
6. Qian Choong AU$ 1,700
7. Craig Flynn AU$ 1,250
8. Greg Kahl AU$ 900
9. David Taylor AU$ 700
10. Isaac Tan AU$ 700
Event 9 – AU$ 200 PLO Rebuy
Buy-in: AU$ 200
Entries: 31
Rebuys: 84 @AU$ 100
Add-ons: 40 @U$ 100
Prize pool: AU$ 17,360
Top 5 results:
1. Travis Endersby AU$ 7,000
2. Yoshimura Pang AU$ 4,000
3. Anonymous AU$ 2,800
4. Andrian Chin AU$ 2,100
5. Vasily Kwong AU$ 1,460
Event 10 – AU$ 550 Shot Clock
Buy-in: AU$ 550
Entries: 63 (Re-entries: 13)
Prize pool: AU$ 31,500
Top 6 results:
1. Tim Mitchell AU$ 12,000
2. Andrea Rispoli AU$ 7,000
3. Sean Reynolds AU$ 4,700
4. Ben Hon AU$ 3,400
5. Josh Bourke AU$ 2,500
6. Blake Phillips AU$ 1,900
Event 11 – AU$ 575 Deepstack Bounty
Buy-in: AU$ 575
Entries: 79 (Re-entries: 13)
Prize pool: AU$ 41,080
Top 8 results:
1. Anonymous AU$ 12,000*
2. Chris Ngatoa AU$ 9,200*
3. Mile Krstanoski AU$ 5,400
4. Patrick Meng AU$ 4,200
5. Tony Aslani AU$ 3,100
6. Nino Marotta AU$ 2,300
7. Scott Carmichael AU$ 1,630
8. Yu Xiang Tay AU$ 1,150
* Denotes Deal Made
Article by Christin Mashmann
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