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APT Philippines Championships: Lester Edoc wins the Main Event; Linh Tran, Iori Yogo, and Ha Duong win events

The APT Philippines Championships 2018 has been rocking the poker room at Resorts World Manila for the past week and last night, the first featured tournament, the Php55,000 buy-in Main Event, closed with Lester Edoc claiming the title. This was another incredible victory for Edoc who has now captured three major titles this year alone. In addition, there were other pros taking down side events. We have that for you below.
Lester Edoc captures first-ever APT championship title
Lester Edoc – Photo APTDeja vu! It seems like just yesterday we had typed these same two words, “Lester wins…”. Well it is true and it has happened again. The incredible Lester Edoc finally captured himself an APT Main Event trophy. After 7 years in the APT circuit that has seen him win an abundance of side events, he finally landed the big one, the Main Event title. This comes right after winning the APL Road Series Main Event and the Manila Super Series Main Event. Yes folks, it is a hat trick!
With the new APT late registration changes made at the start of the year, the Main Event turned up a big field of 325 entries. For the price of Php55,000 (~US$1,050) per entry, the 8M advertised guarantee was blown to bits, settling at Php15,762,500 (~US$301,300). There were of course plenty of past APT championship title-holders in attendance with many going deep, though not as deep as the Final 8. Ha Duong finished 13th, Iori Yogo 14th, defending champion Mike Takayama 15th, Soojo Kim 17th, and several more down the pay scale. Other notable players also cashing in near the top were Victor Chong 12th and Lim Yohwan 10th.
Final table action
Final 8 – Photo APTHowever despite many pros filling up the seats, the Final 8 would only see a few in the lineup with Edoc considerably the most decorated, at least in the live tournament arena. Entering with the largest stack was Lebanese player Hanna Khalife. Khalife’s riches would quickly drop, ending him in 8th place, clear opposite from where he started.
As the game progressed and two more players fell, Dylan Ming Teck Kii (7th) and Patrick Liang (6th), the five-handed bout saw the rise of Florencio Campomanes, another pro from the Philippines. Campomanes amassed an enormous stack that even after the departure of Yun Bong (5th) and Frederick Hernandez (4th), he still held court at the top. However, it all changed in one big hand against Japan’s Hiroyuki Yoshimura with pocket tens losing to Yoshimura’s pocket jacks. A few hands later, Campomanes exited in 3rd place.
Down to just Edoc and Yoshimura, the heads up round witnessed both players take ownership of the chip lead at one time. With Yoshimura a proven tough contender throughout the entire event, he had Edoc on the ropes once that could have turned the ending the other way. But the pro triumphed. He proceeded to shave down his opponent and close it out.
Final table payouts
1st Lester Edoc – Philippines – Php2,674,900 (~US$51,000) 2nd Hiroyuki Yoshimura – Japan – Php1,782,700 3rd Florencio Campomanes – Philippines – Php1,237,400 4th Frederick Hernandez – Philippines – Php893,700 5th Yun Bong – Korea – Php671,500 6th Patrick Liang – Brazil – Php523,300 7th Dylan Ming Teck Kii – Australia – Php425,600 8th Hanna Khalife – Lebanon – Php361,000
Linh Tran wins the High Roller
Linh Tran – Photo APTAlso claiming his own hat trick was Vietnam’s Linh Tran. Tran overcame the 75 entries of the High Rollers event to earn a third APT High Rollers career title. His two days of work at the felt also brought him a sweet Php1,959,800 (~US$37,400). This victory sends Tran into the seven-digit live tournament earnings to roughly around US$1.02M.
To grab the title, Tran defeated a fast rising Japanese tournament player, Jun Obara. Obara has been running deep at numerous festivals since last year. He also finished 19th at the Main Event. With the High Rollers buy-in at Php10,500, this amassed a prize pool of Php7,275,000 with 13 players paid. Several notables in the money list were Markus Garberg, Henrik Tollefsen, and Czardy Rivera.
Iori Yogo and Ha Duong win titles
Ha Duong and Iori Yogo – Photo APTOnce again, Japanese pro Iori Yogo is in the APT headlines. Yogo won the NLH Two Day Event besting a field of 46 players. He won Php727,500 and another APT event trophy that he can add to this shelf.
PayoutsPrize pool: Php2,231,000 – Buyin: Php55,000
1st Iori Yogo – Japan – Php727,500 (~US$14,000) 2nd Torii Ayumu – Japan – Php469,200 3rd Lim Chee Kuan – Malaysia – Php317,000 4th Masaharu Oyama – Japan – Php224,200 5th Yasuyuki Asakura – Japan – Php166,500 6th Huu Dung Nguyen – Vietnam – Php129,600 7th Marius Zalyps – Lithuania – Php106,000 8th Yasuo Tanoda – Japan – Php91,000
Also picking up a trophy is Vietnamese pro Thanh Ha Duong. Duong overcame the 92 entries of the Head Hunter event. Interestingly, the last time Duong won an event was in October 2016 at the APT Macau Head Hunter event. Seems like this is his territory, denying players his bounty reward. Duong earned Php334,900 (~US$6,400).
Final Table payoutsPrize pool: Php1,324,000 – 16 paid – Buyin Php22,000
1st Thanh Ha Duong – Vietnam – Php334,900 2nd Markus Garberg – Norway – Php223,200 3rd Kolos Balla – Russia – Php154,700 4th Anthony Hope – Australia – Php111.700 5th Wilson Tolon – Philippines – Php84,000 6th Taki Iwasaki – Japan – Php65,600 7th Taijin Kin – Korea – Php53,400 8th Joven Huerto – Philippines – Php45,200
Article by Triccia David


Three Televised Poker Hand Highlights During the First Months of 2018

Only a few months of 2018 have elapsed so far, and already we have televised heroics at the tables. If you have forgotten to turn on your TV screen in the last few months, you may have missed these three televised gems.
Isildur1 Call Of The Year commented by joeingram1

Hero-calls are always sweet, but when they are the final act that ends a tournament and are made by one of the biggest names in the game, they also carry a little extra sweetness. The following video gives us all a timely reminder of the immense talents that Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom has brought to the table since he exploded onto the online scene almost ten years ago.
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New Monster Series Announced by Party Poker

Party Poker has announced a $2.7 million guaranteed Monster Series from Sunday April 29th until Sunday May 6th. The series is considerably different from when it was first played last October, with the majority of the buy-ins being reduced to give more players more opportunities to win a monster prize.


APPT Macau: Lin Wu denies Aditya Agarwal at the Main Event; Jian Chen and James Chen win Platinum Passes; Kempe and Ogura win HR events

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Macau should have rolled out the red carpet for this recently concluded festival. Stars were born, four players earned a trip to paradise, and huge wads of cash flowed from start to finish. Below are some of the biggest winners of the event.
Lin Wu denies Team PS Pro Aditya Agarwal the Main Event title and Platinum Pass
Lin Wu – Phot Kenneth Lim Courtesy of PokerStarsThe APPT Main Event drew in 356 players each one coughing up the HK$40,000 buy-in to produce a jaw-dropping HK$12,984,032 (~US$1,654,700) prize pool. The event ran for a full week from March 19-25 with the money flowing in Day 3 starting at 41st place. By the end of Day 4, with 13 remaining and the final table near, fans from all over the world had their favorites pegged.
Among the contenders were chip leader Phanlert Sukonthachartnant – the #1 ranked player from Thailand, Indian pro Aditya Agarwal, Taiwan’s Pete Chen, Malaysia’s Victor Chong, Philippine’s Martin Gonzales, Belgium’s David Kitai, Germany’s Maxi Lehmanski, and even world class player, John Juanda, whom many wanted to see take it the distance. With all these players in the lineup, it was going to be an epic race to the top.
However when the final six was formed, several of the pros missed the mark including Juanda. He bubbled to the final day in 7th place. Instead, getting in ample time in the spotlight were underdogs China’s Lin Wu and Taiwan’s Jen Chen Chiu. Both players had stats nowhere near the pros but a seat at the final elliptic was all that really mattered.
The final six battle saw the fall of Lehmanski (6th) and France’s Alexandre Chieng (5th) followed by the tumble of Sukonthachartnant from top dog to 4th place. Rising fast and with determination was Agarwal. He finished off Chiu in 3rd place to accumulate a substantial lead for the heads up round against Wu.
By this time, all eyes were on Agarwal. The Indian pro was on a mission. He was a breath away from seizing the APPT Main Event title and the coveted Platinum Pass. He had the chip lead against Wu and he had the experience. But ultimately, it was not to be. Not even a made straight at the flop could give him the victory. Instead, Wu persevered. Wu won much needed flips and was even miraculously saved by the river to deny Agarawal the title. Wu earned the HK$3,095,000 (~US$394,400) first place purse and the coveted ticket to the Bahamas in 2019.
Additionally, for the top three finishers, this was their largest takedown yet. For runner-up Agarwal, he is at the cusp of breaching US$1M in live earnings.
Final Table payouts
1st Lin Wu – China – HK$3,095,000 2nd Aditya Agarwal – India – HK$1,900,000 3rd Jen Chen Chiu – Taiwan – HK$1,192,000 4th Phanlert Sukonthachartnant – Thailand – HK$933,000 5th Alexandre Chieng – France – HK$675,500 6th Maxi Lehmanski – Belgium – HK$546,532
Jian Chen captures a Platinum Pass at the PokerStars Asia Open
Jian Chen – Photo Kenneth Lim Courtesy of PokerStarsThe PokerStars Asia Open was another sizzling ticket at the APPT especially with its enticing low buy-in of HK$6,000 and PSPC Platinum Pass top prize. The event ran for three days, from March 21-23, drawing in the third largest festival field of 494 entries for a HK$2,587,572 prize pool.
With this big turnout, there certainly was no lack of Asian pros at the felt. Among those that reached the money were Yunsheng Sun (5th), Alex Lee (7th), Wai Kiat Lee (8th), Bobby Zhang (11th), Alan King Lun Lau (13th), Raghav Bansal (28th), Celina Lin (30th), Chen An Lin (36th), Czardy Rivera (42nd), Sparrow Park Yu Cheung (47th), and Dong Guo (53rd). However, ruling them all was a player not nearly as high in status as the pros, China’s Jian Chen.
Chen achieved greatness at the race. He claimed his first-ever APPT title in this event and captured the coveted pass to the Bahamas next year. He also shipped in a career high payout of HK$575,700 (~US$73,400). Before basking in his laurels, Chen shipped in another event, the HK$20,000 Deepstack besting a field of 99 entries. This second title added an extra HK$466,700 (~US$59,400) to his bulging pockets.
A platinum smile for James Chen at the APPT High Roller
James Chen – Photo PokerStarsThe last Platinum Pass went to Taiwanese pro James Chen after he took down the APPT High Roller for HK$4,021,000 (~US$500,000) This event saw 195 players dish out the HK$100K entry fee to bring about a hefty HK$18,154,500 prize pool. Among those that vied for the coveted pass and earned a profit were recent big winners, Justin Bonomo – champion of the Super High Roller Bowl, he finished in 10th place, and APPT National High Roller champion Kristen Bicknell, she finished 4th.
Of course other big names graced the tables as well such as Stephen Chidwick. He finished 3rd and is still on the hunt for his first title in Asia. Then there was Dominik Nitsche (8th), Jan-Eric Schwippert (12th), Sam Greenwood (19th), Michael Addamo (20th), Daniel Dvoress (22nd), and Manig Loeser (26th).
1 James Chen – Taiwan – $4,021,000*
2 Xin Fan – China – $2,714,000
3 Stephen Chidwick – United Kingdom – $1,868,000
4 Kristen Bicknell – Canada – $1,523,000
5 Wenling Gao – China – $1,215,000
6 Albert Paik United States $933,000
7 Javier Gomez Spain $678,500
8 Dominik Nitsche Germany $492,000
Takashi Ogura and Rainer Kempe bag High Roller victories
Rainer Kempe – Photo Kenneth Lim Courtesy of PokerStarsStellar performance for Japanese pro Takashi Ogura at the APPT winning the HK$200K Single Day High Roller event. Ogura bumped elbows with 43 players, many of them high-ranking pros worldwide. Interestingly, at the final six, with everyone secured a profit, Ogura was the only player not yet in the seven-digit live tournament earnings range despite being ranked 4th in Japan. However that all changed after he won this event. Ogura shipped in HK$2,751,000 (~US$350,700) which was nearly double his largest-ever live score.
Ogura also reached the money at the APPT High Roller event finishing 23rd out of 195 entries for a HK$200,000 payout. With these deep finishes, Ogura moved two places up the all time money list for Japan. He bumped off Naoya Kihara out of 2nd position and most importantly, he is now in the millionaire group with over US$1.2M in live earnings.
1st Takashi Ogura – Japan – HK$2,751,000 2nd Isaac Haxton – USA – HK$1,901,000 3rd Luc Greenwood – Canada – HK$1,214,000 4th Bryn Kenney – USA – HK$930,880 5th Wayne Zhang – China – HK$728,000 6th Manig Loeser – Germany – HK$566,000
At the last APPT High Roller, only 38 took to the felt and paid up the HK$100K entry fee. Coming out on top was Germany’s Rainer Kempe who finally bagged a victory after cashing in two earlier events, the APPT National High Roller and the Super High Roller event. He earned the lion’s share cut of HK$1,203,000 out of the HK$3,537,800 prize pool.
1st Rainer Kempe – Germany – HK$1,203,000 2nd Manig Loeser – Germany – HK$831,000 3rd Marius Gierse – Germany – HK$531,000 4th Lander Lijo Bereciartua – Spain – HK$407,000 5th Benjamin Tollerene – USA – HK$318,000 6th Jinghui Ying – China – HK$247,800


Asian Poker Tour expands its brand in Vietnam with Da Nang event announced

Yesterday, the Asian Poker Tour added a new destination to their 2018 calendar season with the APT Vietnam Da Nang Championships announced. The twelve-day event is slated to take place from October 3 – 14 at Cocobay beach resort in the coastal city of Da Nang.
This is in partnership with Win Poker Club and the Bridge & Poker Association. The contract signing and official announcement was made at the ongoing APT Philippines Championships in Resorts World Manila.

At the start of the year, the APT took Vietnam by storm, hosting the first international poker event ever seen in Ho Chi Minh City This was also the first time the APT held their annual kickoff outside of the Philippines.
With the Main Event setting a brand record of 664 entries, the huge success prompted the APT and their Vietnamese partners to immediately secure a second event at the same venue. read more