Dhaval Mudgal wins the inaugural WPT Vietnam Main Event for VND 2.4 Billion

India’s Dhaval “Dirty” Mudgal made World Poker Tour history tonight as the first player to win a WPT Main Event title in Vietnam. Amidst a crowded rail, Mudgal defeated Japan’s Takao Shimizu at heads up and captured the VND 2,4287,580,000 (US$104,000) first prize.
Dhaval Mudgal and Team IndiaThe VND 22M buy-in Main Event ran a total of five days from September 28 to October 2 attracting 679 entries – 528 players, 151 re-entries. This produced the largest-ever seen live tournament poker prize pool in the country, a record-breaking VND 13,172,600,000 (~US$565,000). Portions of that enormous pot were shaved off at Day 2 starting at 85th place.
Final Day recap
Entering today’s final race, Dhaval Mudgal was the only player left waving the Indian flag. Impressively, Team India represented well at the WPT Asia Swing with a large contingent turning up for both this leg and the Korea leg. Among the fifteen returnees, Mudgal had the second largest stack which he improved on, entering the official final table of 9 players at the helm.
Final TableBut despite the lead, his race to the title was no easy stroll. It was more of a nerve-wracking rollercoaster ride with near eliminations. After railing Dac Duc Phuong in 9th place, giving him an even larger arsenal to play with, things started to go south. Nguyen Duc Hai (Hai Chuot) shaved off a big chunk on a double up, then Tai Hsing had his hands in it as well. This led to Mudgal becoming short, attempting to steal the blinds and antes with a shove. Shimizu snapped him off with , and when the community board ran a nutty full house this saved Mudgal from the exit.
From there, Mudgal gained momentum. He landed another lucky save on the river to double up through Tai Hsing, then shipped a monster after getting full pay from Hai Chuot for his pocket jacks turned straight. This re-established Mudgal as the leader until Shimizu knocked out the last two Vietnamese contenders, Hai Chuot (5th) and Tran Cao Tam (4th). Mudgal proceeded to eliminate Taiwan’s Tai Hsing in 3rd place and entered the heads up round though still dominated in chips by Shimizu.
Heads UpThe heads up round didn’t last too long though. Mudgal commanded most of the action, often seen raising or three-betting that the lead switched up due to his successful grinds. Shimizu fought valiantly and was able to regain the lead but Mudgal quickly took it back. The final hand, saw Mudgal push with and Shimizu calling for his tournament life holding . The final board ran to close it with a big victory for India.
Congratulations to Dhaval Mudgal! This victory was his first-ever major championship title and his largest-ever live tournament payout to date. You can read up on all the thrilling action in the Live Updates post.
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Final 9 payouts
1st Dhaval Mudgal – India – VND 2,4287,580,000
2nd Takao Shimizu – Japan – VND 1,702,030,000
3rd Tai Hsing Hsiung – Taiwan – VND 1,097,540,000
4th Tran Cao Tam – Vietnam – VND 802,340,000
5th Nguyen Duc Hai (Hai chuot) – Vietnam – VND 613,840,000
6th Hanh Phong – Vietnam – VND 490,420,000
7th Nguyen Hoang Nam (Apuweo) – Vietnam – VND 406,240,000
8th Norbert Koh – Singapore – VND 323,390,000
9th Dao Duc Phuong – Vietnam – VND 242,770,000
Article by Tricia David
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WPT Vietnam Main Event Live Updates – Final Day

Welcome to WPT VIETNAM MAIN EVENT! This is the event everyone has been waiting for with its jaw-dropping VND 8 Billion Guaranteed prize pool. Action gets underway at 1pm. Buy-in is VND 22,000,000.
Follow all the action via this link:
WPT Vietnam Main Event – Live Updates
From 178 to the Final 15 players of the WPT Vietnam Main Event; Yik Yin “Ray” Chiu chip leader
WPT Vietnam Main Event sets country’s largest-ever prizepool of VND 13.1 Billion; Mike Takayama tops Day 1C
250 runners for WPT Vietnam Main Event Day 1B; Pham Bao wins the Bounty Event
Tran Hanh crushes WPT Vietnam Main Event Day 1A; Zarvan Tumboli wins the Ho Chi Minh Cup
WPT Ho Chi Minh Cup draws 207; Nguyen Dang Toan wins the Welcome Event
WPT Vietnam draws 137 to the Opener; Trần Kim Đông wins the Charity Event
World Poker Tour kicks off inaugural WPT Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City
Schedule – Events News
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From 178 to the Final 15 players of the WPT Vietnam Main Event; Yik Yin “Ray” Chiu chip leader

WPT Vietnam Main Event saw the return of the 178 survivors and from the get-go it was action-packed at Pro Poker Club. The event attracted 679 total entries for a smashing prize pool of VND 13,172,600,000. This was the largest-ever live tournament poker prize pool seen in the country. And to earn a piece, all players needed to do today was reach the money round of 85 places.
Into the fourth round, the bubble round was at hand. Tung Nguyen avoided elimination landing a two-outer on the river, however, for Vinh Tran, it was the opposite. Attempting to steal the blinds and ante, he shoved on the button with J-8 only to get snap-called by Jason Nguyen on the small blind with A-K. The bubble burst. The money flowed. And it was a hunt for a seat to the final day.
Vinh TranAmong the big movers and shakers were Norbert Koh, Apu Weo, and WSOP bracelet winner Mike Takayama. Between the three, Takayama’s day would end much earlier despite running up quad aces not once but twice. He finished in 39th place, falling to Hong Kong’s Ray Chiu who is also through to the finals.
For the day’s entering chip leader, Austria’s Tran Hanh, he was unable to match his performance at Day 1A and exited in 51st place. Wenling Gao also bowed out within that range. Multi WPT / WSOP Circuit winner Dylan Wilkerson did better reaching the final three tables. And John Phan’s rollercoaster of a day ended in 23rd place.
You can read up on the action in our Live Updates post.
Day 2 – Live Updates
Below are the final 15 players returning tomorrow. One of these players will be crowned the first-ever WPT Vietnam Main Event champion and will pocket the eye-popping VND 2,427,580,000 first prize.
Full coverage continues in the Final Day. Cards in the air at 1pm.
Yik Yin “Ray” Chiu – Hong Kong – 2.43M
Ray ChiuRay Chiu will enter the final day as the chip leader. One of his biggest drops in Day 2 was WSOP bracelet winner Mike Takayama. This thrusted his stack to the top where he parked for the rest of the day.
Dhaval Mudgal – India – 2.355M
Dhaval MudgalIndia’s last hope for the gold is Dhaval Mudgal who closed Day 2 with the second largest stack. Mudgal is a well known poker figure in the Asian circuit. Among his many successes today was the elimination of American pro Dylan Wilkerson late in the game.
Hai Chuot – Vietnam – 2.245M
Hai ChuotHost country Vietnam had numerous players advancing to the final day. Amassing the largest stack of the group was Hai Chuot. For a majority of Day 2, Chuot kept pace with the leaders then took command after winning a big pot against Indian pro Raghav Bansal. He also made some big calls that knocked out a few players.
Tran Huu Khoi – Vietnam – 1.68M
Tran Huu KhoiWhen the field compressed to the final two tables, Tran Huu Khoi was one of the shortest but a late game double up through Apu Weo gave him renewed life.
Nguyen Thanh Phuong – Vietnam – 1.590M
Nguyen Thanh PhuongNguyen Thanh Phuong built an impressive stack throughout the day. He was moved multiple times and at each table, was able to chip up.
Tai Hsing Hszung – Taiwan – 1.470M
Tai Hsing HszungTaiwanese player Tai Hsing Hszung started Day 2 just above starting stack. He won numerous pots on uncalled shoves.
Tran Cao Tam – Vietnam – 1.335M
Tran Cao TamTran Cao Tam shipped in a big pot after a successful showdown against highly decorated Viet khieu John Phan. He also eliminated Tung Nguyen, the player that landed a two-outer on the river to avoid being the bubble.
Johannes Felix Hoeld – Germany – 1.180M
Johannes Felix HoeldJohannes Felix Hoeld had a steady rise in chips throughout Day 2 but needed some help at the final two tables. He found the moment, doubling up through Apuweo during the final minutes to jump back to good health.
Ben Andrews – UK – 1.150M
Ben AndrewsUK’s Ben Andrews sat in the same seat from start to finish watching players come in and out throughout the day. Down to two tables, he tanked John Phan twice to win a couple of nice pots without a showdown.
Norbert Koh – Singapore – 1.135M
Norbert KohNorbert Koh continues to enjoy success in Vietnam. Early in the day he stormed to the leader’s seat with an enormous stack. He railed Tran Son Thach late in the game to stay above seven-digits.
Dac Duc Phuong – Vietnam – 1.025M
Dac Duc PhongAmong Dac Duc Phuong’s winning pots was the elimination of Taiwan’s Tzu Chieh Lo. He also railed Cong Le to bring the field down to 16 players.
Takao Shimizu – Japan – 805K
Takao ShimizuTakao Shimizu is the only player left holding up the Japanese flag. Shimizu has had a big stack since the start of Day 2 and stayed consistent throughout to secure his spot in the final day. He
Le Ngoc Khanh – Vietnam – 790K
Le Ngoc KhanhLe Ngoc Khanh is a familiar face in the Asian circuit, attending events all over Asia. He’s also produced numerous deep runs in Vietnam but is still hunting down that first championship title.
Apu Weo – Vietnam – 620K
Apu WeoApu Weo entered the Main Event at Day 1C and within the first fifteen minutes, he’d already knocked out a few players. At Day 2, his list of wins piled up sending out strong players such as Huu Dung Nguyen and Romit Advami. Both of these players shoved on his big blind.
Low Kar Doi – Malaysia – 560K
Low Kar DoiLow Kar Doi rounds out the list with the shortest stack.
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Mario Benito joins the R. Franco Group as new Sales Manager in the Digital Area

Mario Benito
The R. Franco Group have announced that they will be having Mario Benito join their team. Mario will be responsible for the management of sales within the group division, which is headed by Miguel Ángel Lázaro.
Mario’s incorporation is another step forward in the process of consolidation and strengthening of the Group’s digital project on a global scale.  
Mario is a Graduate in Economics (U.C.M.) and Master in Business Administration and Management (I.E.). Over the course of his 20-year career, he has held senior positions in well-known companies in and out of the gaming industry contributing his expertise both nationally and internationally.
The R. Franco Group welcomes Mario and wishes him the best of luck to undertake this new stage in the company.


AGS Names Laura Olson-Reyes Vice President of Marketing & Communications

PlayAGS Inc, a leading designer and supplier of electronic gaming machines, table products, and interactive solutions for the global gaming industry, have announced the appointment of Laura Olson-Reyes as Vice President of Marketing and Communications.
Olson-Reyes brings more than 20 years’ experience to the role at AGS, where she will oversee various marketing initiatives, external and internal communications, and community relations.
AGS Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Investor Relations Julia Boguslawski said, “We’re very excited to welcome Laura to the AGS family. Her vast experience across many facets of gaming on both the operator and supplier side, her proven ability to build brand awareness, her creativity and well-honed communications expertise, and her passion for this industry are a powerful combination as AGS drives greater momentum in the marketplace. The team looks forward to working with Laura on new initiatives to elevate the AGS brand and bring new perspectives to promote our one-of-a-kind products, people, and corporate culture.”
Over the course of her long career, Olson-Reyes has held numerous corporate roles and served as an independent consultant. Most recently, she served three years as the Executive Director, Community and Corporate Relations for Scientific Games, where she had responsibilities for external and internal communications, executive visibility and thought leadership, and corporate social responsibility. Before that, she served more than seven years as the Senior Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Bally Technologies, where she led a team that won 30 awards for marketing and communications excellence, overseeing product marketing, corporate communications, and community relations.
Olson-Reyes’ gaming and technology industry experience also includes marketing roles with gaming operators Caesars Entertainment and Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower.
She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Print Journalism from the University of Montana.


MGM Springfield chooses Gasser Chair company

Gorgeous Gasser chairs dominate at the new Massachusetts casino resort.
Magnificent casino properties require magnificent furnishings to maximize their customers’ experience. Youngstown, OH-based Gasser Chair Company (Gasser) is now part of that experience at the new $960 million MGM Springfield in Springfield, Massachusetts. Spanning three downtown city blocks, MGM Resorts International opened its 14-acre casino hotel and resort on Friday, August 24.
After securing the orders in late 2017, totaling more than 5,000 chairs, the last of the 16 truckloads of Gasser furniture was delivered to the property on July 31. Gasser professionals worked closely with the MGM Development Team and their outside design firm, Friedmutter Design Group of Las Vegas. Together, they developed custom seating solutions that fused Gasser’s legendary workmanship with the unique design elements desired for this project.
Through comprehensive planning, this creative coalition designed and produced truly unique, chic and innovative seating options. Gasser manufactured all 5,000-plus chairs at its Youngstown campus. Almost 3,000 custom Gasser chairs are located at every slot machine and table game position on the 125,000-square-foot casino floor.Each gaming area featuresits own distinctive chair design.
Gasser Business Development Manager Shawn Danks claims, “MGM Springfield was a great opportunity for Gasser to really showcase our custom manufacturing capabilities.  All of these products feature some level of customization, from detailed upholstery treatments on existing models to completely new, custom products developed from the ground up. It was about creating a customer experience that is truly unique; one where ‘off-the-shelf products’ wouldn’t have sufficed.”
As a leader in the commercial hospitality seating market, Gasser was able to provide seating solutions that extended beyond only the gaming floor.
MGM Springfield purchased 2,000 custom Gasser Banquet and Event Stack Chairs for its 34,000 square feet of versatile meeting and banquet space, plus other seating formultiple leisure and lounge locations throughout the property.
Danks states, “The bar has been raised since Gasser has supplied a unique and elite set of products for a truly unique and undoubtedly elite property. We look forward to supporting MGM in the inevitable success of their newest endeavor.”


APT Championships series stirs up the Philippines in September

Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive Asian destinations for many poker enthusiasts is the Philippines. From the ample amount of events offered per year, to the hospitality, the vibrant Manila nightlife, and the stunning beaches just a short flight away, players are practically assured an enjoyable time both on and off the felt.
Coming September 13 to September 24, the country stirs up with the Asian Poker Tour returning to Resorts World Manila for the second edition of the APT Philippines Championships 2018. This highly popular festival is one not to miss with 22 events lined up and over PHP 12 MIllion in guaranteed prizes.

Guaranteed Events
APT Main Event: PHP 8,000,000 (September 15 – 19)
APT-RWM Opening Event: PHP 2,000,000 (September 13 – 14)
MegaSportsWorld Deep Stack Turbo: PHP 750,000 (September 22)
Monster Stack: PHP 2,000,000 (September 23 – 24)
APT Main Event
Taking a closer look at the APT Main Event, this featured event is what everyone will be coming out for. It offers the largest guarantee of PHP8 Million (~US$149,000). Buy-in is PHP55,000 (~US$ 1,030) with players able to jump in as late as one hour into Day 2.
Day 1A: Saturday, September 15
Day 1B: Sunday, September 16
Day 2: Monday, September 17
Day 3: Tuesday, September 18
Final 8: Wednesday, September 19
In April, the Main Event delivered a prize pool of PHP 15.7 Million (~US$292,700) with 325 players in attendance. Filipino pro Lester Edoc claimed the victory, earning his first-ever APT championship title and nearly US$50,000 in winnings.
Main Event packages on CoinPoker read more


[Watch] Phil Hellmuth crushes Poker After Dark for $300,000

Phil Hellmuth’s woes when it comes to televised cash games are well documented, with a series of high profile losses and blow ups having been broadcast to the world. This has always been an oddity in his career however, especially when you consider his unrivalled success at the tournament tables and record haul of WSOP bracelets. Finally, this week, Hellmuth has found an upswing at the televised cash tables, banking $300,000 and a fantastic session on Poker After Dark.
Aces hold
During the two sessions that Hellmuth walked away from with profit, a crucial hand came up against Jean Robert Bellande, in which Hellmuth held pocket aces, and JRB somehow levelled himself into getting everything in with AJ. Hellmuth held up, and he was well on his way to a huge winning session.

Pocket aces for @Phil_Hellmuth and a big decision for @BrokeLivingJRB! Watch how tonight’s #PokerAfterDark session ended with an over $230,000 pot! https://t.co/5rUlItuiNK pic.twitter.com/2k4u2B85WT
— PokerGO (@PokerGO) August 29, 2018 read more


September on Natural8: $100K AOF, New weekly missions and software updates

Natural8 is a poker room in continual evolution, always seeking to grow and improve. In its latest efforts to fortify the brand and embellish what it brings to players, Natural8 has updated software, given players new weekly missions and scheduled its All in or Fold (AOF) festival.
$100,000 AOF festival

The flagship offering from Natural8 in the coming month is the $100,000 AOF festival. Specially designated AOF tables will be in operation during the festival, and players simply have to take a seat and play the required number of hands to get involved. Once the required number of hands has been played, players will be awarded a seat into an AOF tournament with a guaranteed prize pool. Hand counts run in four separate week-long periods between September 1st and September 29th.
Required AoF Hands
Eligible Tournament
Tournament Time
Total Prize
200, in a day
All-In AoF Festival $200 GTD
Daily throughout September, 15:00:00 (UTC+0)
500, in a day
All-In AoF Festival $500 GTD
Daily throughout September, 16:00:00 (UTC+0)
3,000, in a week
All-In AoF Festival $20K GTD
September 8th, 17:00:00 (UTC+0)
September 15th, 17:00:00 (UTC+0)
September 22nd, 17:00:00 (UTC+0)
September 29th, 17:00:00 (UTC+0)
Join Natural8
New weekly missions giving $20,000 away to players read more


Imperial Poker Club

Located in the expat’ neighborhood of Thao Dien, 20 minutes from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, the Imperial Club has not failed to attract local players.
Opened in 2018, its great facilities and attractive tournaments and freerolls have helped build a solid customer base.
Opening Hours : No Information
  Playing Poker at Imperial Poker Club
 Cash Games:
No Cash Games.
Tournament schedules will be posted weekly on Imperial Poker’s fanpage:

No information.
 Pratical Info
   Address: 115 Quoc Huong, Thao Dien, Q.2 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
 Contact Number: +84 028 2240 8181
  Email: https://m.me/Imperialpokerclub
  Website: https://www.facebook.com/Imperialpokerclub/
  On the Map read more


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Anthony Joshua becomes William Hill global brand ambassador

Unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua unveiled as William Hill’s new global brand ambassador in Sheffield, England.
William Hill is delighted to announce the signing of unified world heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua OBE, as its new global brand ambassador. The sporting icon has signed an initial one-year deal with the bookmaker and will feature in the company’s exciting new integrated advertising campaigns over the next twelve months – and beyond. 
AJ will also appear in the firm’s social media and PR activities  – promoting the William Hill brand in a fun, interactive and responsible way. Anthony joins William Hill’s current brand ambassador team, which already includes Sir Anthony McCoy, Kirsty Gallacher and Robbie Savage. The announcement comes as Joshua prepares to defend his WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO world titles against Alexander Povetkin in front of 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium on 22 September. 
 On the deal heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua OBE said; “I am pleased to partner with William Hill. We are both leaders in our fields so it was only right to go ‘all in’ with them! They are promoting and marketing boxing to a huge audience outside of our industry which is something I am passionate about.  It is important for me to work with brands who understand the journey I am on and the dedication it takes to become undisputed heavyweight champion. I have been really impressed with the team at William Hill and I am looking forward to a long and successful partnership.”
CEO of AJBXNG Freddie Cunningham said; “We are delighted to partner with such an established and forward thinking brand in William Hill. We have been really impressed with their activation plans for the next 12 months and how they would like to grow the partnership in to new territories.”
CEO of William Hill Philip Bowcock said; “Anthony Joshua is one of the leading sports personalities of his generation and he has achieved so much so quickly.  It’s exciting times at William Hill as we expand into the United States and we felt this was a perfect time to announce a global brand ambassador. AJ is the ideal fit for the role and we believe he will help us grow and energise our brand as we join him on his journey to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.”


GSA Invites Gaming Industry to its Technical Summit: Focus on Blockchain

The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) announces its first gaming industry focused conference event: GSA Technical Summit –Focus on Blockchain.  The event is scheduled for November 8 – 9, 2018 in the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, NV. GSA invites our members and anyone active in the gaming industry – operators, regulators and suppliers – to this informative summit around Blockchain.
The Blockchain technology – the second phase of the Internet – will have a dramatic impact on our lives and businesses. It is poised to revolutionize data sharing, security and has the ability to provide regulatory authorities with previously unobtainable levels of transparency. Those looking at how this technology will impact the gaming industry will be able to listen to companies that are using the technology today and regulators as they debate the benefits Blockchain provides them.
 GSA President Peter DeRaedt said, “We have been approached for many years to bring more value to a conference program by emphasizing real knowledge over a ‘marketing session.’  For this unique summit we’ve used our extensive contacts within and outside the gaming industry to bring together speakers and participants who have the experience and know-how to offer attendees a more grounded foundation and education about this technology.”
Current companies that have committed to participate in the event are: Axes Network, Clear Poker, Dominode, Gioco Ventures, LLC, Global Market Advisors, IBM, Innovum Technology, INTEL, Loyra Abogados, Malta Gaming Authority, McDonald Carano, New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement, Nevada Gaming Control Board, ORACLE, RedChalk Group, Secure Communication, Berkeley Center for Law & Business, Unikrn.
Blockchain Committee Chair Earle G. Hall said, “Blockchain is the answer to so many of our inefficiencies. It is inherently designed for transparent, secure and distributed information flow. Blockchain will exponentially increase the potential for collaboration, efficiency and connectivity. We look forward to this event and expect to truly educate the industry on this topic.”
 For a detailed agenda, special rate accommodation information and registration, please visit GSA’s event website at – GSA Technology Summit: FOCUS Blockchain.  GSA also welcomes companies interested in sponsoring this event to contact us.
There is a level of membership for every type of company. Is your organization interested in working with GSA on the creation of future standards? Please join us – visit www.gamingstandards.com to learn more, and follow GSA on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
 GSA Platinum members include: Aristocrat Technologies Inc.; International Game Technology (IGT); Konami Gaming Inc.; Microgaming Software Systems, LTD.; NOVOMATIC Gaming Industries GmbH; Playtech, (PTEC.L) & Scientific Games International (SGMS).
 Other members include: Adlink Technology Inc.; Ainsworth Game Technology Inc.; Amatic Industries GmbH; AmTote International; APEX pro gaming; Appolonia; Ares Way; Aruze Gaming America, Inc.; Atlantic Lottery Corporation; AxesNetwork Solutions Inc.; BMM Testlabs; Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited; Canadian Gaming Association; Casinos Austria; ComTrade Gaming; Combination AB; Crane Payment Innovations (CPI); DRGT Europe; European Casino Association; Everi; Fortunet; Foxwoods Resort Casino; Gaming Laboratories International, LLC. (GLI); Gaming Consultants International; Gaming Technologies Association; Gauselman GmbH; Ganlot; Genlot Game Technology Co., Ltd.; Grand Vision Gaming; House Advantage; Intralot S.A. (INLr.AT); Inspired Gaming Group Ltd.; Interblock USA; JCM Global; Loto-Québec; Macao Polytechnic Institute; Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association; Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Corporation; Maxgaming; Mobile Gaming Monitoring On GmbH; Multi-State Lottery Association; Nidec Sankyo Corporation; Oregon Lottery; Paltronics Australasia Pty. Ltd.; Pollard banknote limited; Quixant; Radical Blue Gaming; Random Consulting; Sega Sammy Creation, Inc.; Seminole Tribe of Florida; Seoul National University of Science & Technology; Smernax Holdings Ltd.; Sightline Payments; Spintec d.o.o.; Synergy Blue; U1 Gaming; Universal de Desarrollos Electronicos, S.A.; UNLV International Gaming Institute; VEIKKAUS; Western Canada Lottery Corporation; Wojskowe Zaklady Lacznosci Nr 1 S.A.


IGT Solutions – SAGSE 2018

IGT will present a diverse range of solutions for Latin America within its SAGSE stand #206 in Buenos Aries, September 11, 12, and 13. Featuring market-attuned content and innovative hardware, IGT’s portfolio is designed to meet the needs of any operator.
The Company will shine a spotlight on the next evolution of the Crystal series of cabinets with the stunning CrystalDual 27 gaming machine with market-attuned content such as Scarab and Temple of Fire. The attention-grabbing cabinet features dual, high-definition, 27-inch displays, the option for bank-wide synchronized lighting, a mobile device charging port, and more.
IGT’s robust core portfolio will be on display with popular titles such as Wild Fury Jackpots, Ocean Magic Grand, and All In on the gorgeous CrystalCurve Cabinet which boasts an ultra-HD, 4K, 43-inch curved display. IGT will also feature engaging premium content on the CrystalCurve with new Fort Knox titles such as Majestic Gorilla and Twin Win.
IGT’s multi-game solutions, the USwitch and diversity HD suites, will be shown on a range of cabinets such as the AXXIS 23/23 and the CrystalDual 27. USwitch groups games with similar play mechanics together, making it easy for players to find games that suit their individual preferences. Pairing diversity HD suites with IGT’s bolt-on progressive, Money Strike, gives players the chance to win big with progressive jackpots on a diverse library of games.  
The Company will also showcase its innovative mobile solutions with technology such as PlaySpot and Cardless Connect. IGT’s award-winning PlaySpot technology enables  players to use their mobile devices to play slots, enjoy table games and place sports bets in a single, easy-to-use mobile app. IGT’s Cardless Connect turns players’ smart phones into their loyalty cards by enabling them to simply tap their phone on any gaming machine to card in and out.
IGT’s Systems area will focus on its IGT Advantage casino management system (CMS) and its Media Manager- HTML 5 (M5) content management system. IGT Advantage enables operators to optimize their casino floors and create world-class patron loyalty programs. With M5, operators have the option to utilize an EGM’s entire screen to display promotions, events, bonuses and other personalized content for a customizable player experience on a range of cabinets. For more information, visit IGT.com.


Unfold Hold’em Makes Debut at PokerStars

Continuing in their quest to invent new poker variants, PokerStars has launched a new game called “Unfold Hold’em” that allows players to get back in the game after the flop and win a side pot if they folded their hole cards pre-flop and find themselves racked with regret after seeing the flop.


Party Poker Announces Biggest Ever PowerFest Series

Party Poker has announced the dates and schedule for September´s PowerFest Series. The event will run from Sunday 2nd September until Sunday 23rd September and consist of an incredible 670 tournaments guaranteed for a total of more than $60 million – Party Poker´s biggest ever tournament series guarantee.